Farewell address of Messi ready?

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Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

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One is the President of a club. The name is Maria Bartomeu who possesses omnipotent power of the club. Who will stay whom to say goodbye - he has that infinite power.

Another is the best footballer in the history of the club. He is Lionel Messi. The best star in the world. He is the composer of the success of Barca in the previous era.

However, at this time Bartomeu and Messi - both of them are almost opponents! Relations between the two have deteriorated further since the 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League. Expressing dissatisfaction with the club authorities, Messi has announced that he will leave Barca.

Barca president Bartomeu, however, made a big splash by handling a 8-2 draw with Ronald Koeman as the new coach.

Koeman spoke with Messi shortly after taking over as coach. Messi also told him about his uncertain future at the club. Koeman, however, has made it clear that he wants to see Messi, the world's best player, in his squad. Now the question is, is Messi staying at Barca? Or going somewhere else? In that situation, Barcelona President Maria Bartomeu has pushed the ball completely to Messi's feet now.

Apparently there are three options in front of Messi.
Firstly: staying at Barca and if Barca succeeds next season, then his friendship with the club president is over. But then the whole problem that was created behind this show down was created by Messi!

Secondly: Messi stayed at Barca and his performance was not so good. Barca did not succeed. That will prove once again that Messi's behavioral problems have not been solved!

Thirdly: Suppose Messi leaves Barca. Rest assured that within an hour, Bartomeu and his supporters will start promoting Messi as an 'opportunist' and a 'traitor'.

Messi's behavioral problems are now being touted as the biggest headline for Barcelona's recent failure. The Catalan media has also joined the fight against Messi in support of Bartomeu. This insult has hit Messi the most.

In the current situation, it is clear that Barca has drafted a farewell address for Messi. Of course, the length of the address in President Bartomeu's drawer will not be more than ten lines!