Messi confirms that he is staying with Barca

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Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

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Messi has announced the decision. He will be staying with Barcelona. He will stay in Barcelona until June 30 next year. He has a contract with Barca until that date. In an exclusive interview with, Messi put an end to all speculations, saying, "I never wanted to go to the court for changing the club because Barcelona is my love. Now if I have to change clubs after a year or so, I'm staying, I'm staying this season.”

Messi's announcement also solved all the mysteries of his transfer. The world's best footballer is returning to pre-season training for Barcelona very soon.
Messi announced his decision after a series of meetings between his father and brother, Barcelona President Maria Bartomeu about the transfer.

On August 25, Messi sent a fax message to the Barca president stating that he wanted to change sides. Let Barca leave him. But Barcelona has made it clear that Messi will not be able to move elsewhere without a 700 million Euro release clause. That is what is written in the contract. If a free transfer was to take place, Messi would have to inform Barcelona by June 10. But Messi said in the last week of August. And so if you want to change the team now, you must deposit this huge amount of the release clause in the Barca account.

In the meantime, the practice of Barca also started. Messi did not join the practice. If Messi wants to change sides at the stage that the situation has reached, then Barca is threatening to take the matter to court. Messi retreated here. Messi has gained worldwide fame today by playing in that club. He became the best player in the world. How will he stand in court against that club? With this understanding and love, Messi reluctantly decided to stay at Barca for another season. And that is a kind of compulsion.

In an interview with, Messi said that he had been telling the Barca president about the change of club for a year. Messi set a new goal during this time of his career. He wanted to experience playing in any other league in the world. But Barca did not keep its promise to Messi.

‘When I told Barca president about the transfer, he said we would talk about it later, not now, Messi said. But he did nothing. He did not say anything. He gave me no idea what he really wanted to do, what he wanted to say. I did not decide to change my club out of emotion. I thought about it. Nothing would have happened if I had not informed about the change of club through fax.’

Regarding the terms of the contract, which will be decided by June 10, Messi said: The season is in the middle. Then what time to say something. The president just told me to end the season and then decide whether or not to go. That's what I said. Now they are referring to the June 10 deadline. I can’t actually fight with my club. So I have no desire to go to court. I am staying at Barca for another season. During this time I will try my best to give to Barca.

The decision to leave Barca was very difficult, said Messi, 33. My school child Thiago asked me after watching the news on TV, "Dad, what's going on?" We didn't want to tell him anything about moving elsewhere, about changing schools, about making new friends. "
After hearing the details from Messi, his son Thiago cried and said, "Don't go!"

That is the truth for now, Messi is staying at Barca for one more season. However, this is his last season in the Barca jersey.