Mushfiq’s bat auctioned at Taka 17 lakh

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Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Dhaka: Mushfiqur Rahim auctioned his first double century bat to help those infected with the coronavirus. Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi bought the bat as part of the auction. The price is 20 thousand dollars which is about Taka 17 lakh in Bangladeshi currency.

An official involved in the auction process confirmed the information.

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi's public welfare organization Shahid Afridi Foundation has bought Mushfiqur's bat at the on line auction. Marin Talukder, CEO of, which is in charge of the auction process, said, "We have officially received an e-mail in the letterhead of the Shahid Afridi Foundation. The foundation has confirmed that it will buy the bat commemorating Mushfiqur's double century for 20,000 US dollars.

Mushfiqur's auction process got into trouble a few days ago. Some fake and counterfeit groups in the auction manipulated some parts of the cycle and increased the price of this bat abnormally.
The auction management company suspended the auction process to stop the manipulation of this fraud cycle.


Later, some security measures were introduced and the auction process started again. This was the last time the auction process took place until 9pm on Friday, May 15.. The Shahid Afridi Foundation confirmed the purchase of Mushfiqur's bat within that time.
Pikabu and Mushfiqur's management company Nibco, which was involved in the auction process, was relieved to find the right purchaser.