Mashrafe’s bracelet fetches Taka 40 lakh in auction

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Mashrafe bin Mortuza auctioned his bracelet to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The highest bid of his emotional bracelets was Taka 40 lakh. It was bought at auction by Bangladesh Leasing and Finance Company Association (BLFCA). They add another 5 percent. The final price was Taka 42 lakh. As soon as the auction process was completed,

Mashrafe removed the bracelet from his hand. But to his surprise, Momin-ul-Islam, the BLFC's chairman within few minitues announced that they had bought the bracelet but were returning it as a gift to Mashrafe.

On any some occasion in the future, BLFC will officially present this bracelet to Mashrafe again. This promise was made by Momin ul Islam.

So far, Mashrafe's bracelets have surpassed all records in the list of cricketers who have raised money by selling bat, gloves or jerseys at auction. Mashrafe has been playing cricket for the last 18 years wearing this silver bracelet. This bracelet is the companion of many ups and downs of his career. This bracelet has seen Mashrafe's joys and sorrows for a long time.

To many it may be a little bracelet. But for Mashrafe, this bracelet is another name for a lot of passion and love. Mashrafe does not believe in superstition. But even then, he has always considered this silver bracelet as a symbol of his good fortune in his cricket career.