Unique ID for the citizens

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Photo: Collected

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Dhaka, (Barta24.com): The cabinet division has issued a circular for implementing a 10- digit Unique ID(UID) preparation project. Through this circular, the project will be implemented by different ministries and divisions in the preparing the Civil Registration Vital Statistics(CRVS).

In a circular issued by the cabinet division deputy secretary Md. Ashfaqul Amin has said that the vital information of a person living in the state and the expatriates shall have to be registered and recorded through various agencies of the government. The information will include as for example birth, death, cause of death, education, use of voting right, marriage, separation and so on will be recorded and registered. This mandatory and useful statistics is known as CRVS.

The civil registration agencies have been directed to look into the matter to perform the work cautiously so that no one local or expatriates are dropped. All agencies of the government will use the 10 digit UID for rendering service.

For identification at the time of birth registration UID will be used so the use of UID will begin at the very moment of birth registration. For this reason a UID number will be given to the new born connecting it with baby’s parents.

Work on this project has started under the supervision of cabinet division in 2010 at the directives of the Prime Minister. Through this project the basic policy of sustainable development ‘no one should be left out’ will be possible to implement. In last January the steering committee of CRVS was reconstituted. The CRVS steering committee was reconstituted by the order of the President of the republic.

The convener of the committee is cabinet secretary. The committee included the responsible officers of PMO, Post & Telecommunication, Law and Justice, Secondary & Higher Education division, Technical & Madrasha education department, Protection & Service departments of Home Ministry, Public Security department, Local government division, Statistics and Information department, Health and Family welfare department, Coordination and Service and planning department of cabinet division.

Besides the representatives of Primary & Mass education ministry, Economic Relations department, Implementation, Evaluation department, Information and Communication technology, Election Commission, secretary of the Finance ministry, Statistical bureau, DG of Health directorate, PD of A2i, DG of NID wing of EC and Registrar General under Local Government division have been included in the committee.

The cabinet division will provide secretarial assistance to this committee. In the circular it has been said that this committee will come into effect soon.