Prices of essentials will remain stable during Ramadan

Senior Correspondent,
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at parliament session, Photo: PID

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at parliament session, Photo: PID

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From Jatyio Sangsad session ( Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that to keep the prices of essential commodities stable several measures have been taken along with ensuring unadulterated food. To keep the food items safe the mobile court raids are being carried out across the country throughout the year and it will continue.

On Wednesday (April 24) evening in the second session of 11th parliament replying to a question of treasury bench member Shahiduzzaman Sarcar the Prime Minister said that the prices of essentials have been stable during last ten years. She said that during the month of Ramadan the demand of onion, chick pea, edible oil, date and pulses increase. We have increased the supply to meet the demand accordingly. Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) has increased the capacity and stock of the essential goods so that the vicious circle cannot create artificial crisis in the market. There will be mobile court raids during the month of Ramadan across the country.

Sheikh Hasina said that due to the timely decision, efficient management and untiring endeavors of Awami League government all the important festivals including holy month of Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Azha were celebrated in past years nicely without any hassle. We are very active to help the people celebrate ensuing Eid ul Fitr with their families hassle free.

In reply to a supplementary question the Prime Minister said that when we came to power in 2009 then the rate of inflation was double digit which we have brought down to 5.5 percent. Making unadulterated food is a crime and I hope that those who do it they would come back from that way.

Sheikh Hasina said that before the fire accident of F.R. Tower, Fire Service and Civil defense men had visited the building who suggests measure regarding the rectification of the building to check fire accident but the building owners ignored it that ultimately caused the huge loss of lives and properties.

Leader of House informed the members that we have instructed RAJUK to inspect all existing and under construction buildings to inspect and examine the fire preventing provisions and take necessary measures accordingly. Instructions to RAJUK were also given to carefully pass the future building plans and designs to keep enough provisions for preventing fires.