Foni may hit Bangladesh in the midnight of Friday

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Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Dhaka,( Relief and Disaster Management State Minister Dr. Enamur Rahman said that cyclone Foni is rushing at a speed of 27 kilometers per hour. According to that calculation Foni may cross Mongla port at 11 P.M. on Friday night and Paira port after one hour.

However the epicenter of the cyclone can first hit Meherpur district on Saturday noon at 1 P.M. Next it will rush towards Gomostapur and Shibganj upazillas of Chapainawabganj. It may cross Shibganj at 3 in the afternoon with a velocity of 180 to 200 kilometers per hour. Next it will cross the bordering Porsha in the evening of Saturday.

Birampur upazilla has become risky because the epicenter of the cyclone may hit it at 11 in the night. Next it will cross and proceed towards Rangpur City Corporation in the mid night. The cyclone will enter Indian area in the small hours of Sunday after crossing Kaunia and Rajapur of Kurigram.

Foni will make land fall in Bhutan after crossing Guahati of Assam. Due to land fall, the cyclone is likely to be weaker. For this reason the intensity of air speed of Foni may be felt less in Rangpur area than Meherpur .

The State Minister said that the cyclone may take various directions during its unwelcome journey in Bangladesh. However there may be rain from Friday evening at different places due to the impact of the cyclone.

The speed of wind may be 160 kilometers to 180 kilometers in the form of stormy wind.

On Thursday (May 2) the Disaster Management and Relief State Minister Dr. Enamur Rahman said that the cyclone may enter West Bengal taking a left turn. If it happens so then the cyclone may become weaker .For it the loss of Bangladesh will be minimum. But if it enters Bangladesh taking a right turn then the loss will be huge.