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Fear of cyclone Fani is almost gone


Staff Correspondent, | 4 May 2019, 01:16PM

Fear of cyclone Fani is almost gone
Director of Metrology Directorate Shamsuddin Ahmed/ Photo:

Dhaka: Director of Metrology Directorate Shamsuddin Ahmed in a press briefing on Saturday(May 4)at Agargoan office informed that the fear of dangerous cyclonic storm Fani is almost gone. Fani is not so much strong enough to cause any serious damage as was feared earlier, he said.

 He further informed that the storm is still cyclonic in nature yet to be converted into depression. However there is scare of tidal surge from 2 feet to 4 feet that might inundate huge crops land of the coastal belt of South – Western districts of Bangladesh.

The latest movement of Fani as told by Shamsuddin Ahmed that at noon it was crossing Chuadanga, Rajbari, Manikganj, Dhakaand Tangail. It is rushing towards North-East direction at a speed of 20 kms. per hour. Fani is now positioned in the middle zone of the country. However, the calamities of bad weather along with rain and gusty wind will continue till Sunday afternoon(May 5), he said. After that the weather will start improving gradually, he added.