Great Home Coming: Sheikh Hasina

Mainul Islam, Lecturer, Journalism, Communication and Mass media, Varendra University, Rajshahi
‎Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Collected Photo

‎Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Collected Photo

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Sheikh Hasina, eldest daughter of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. She is the president of Bangladesh Awami League and also the Prime Minister of Bangladesh since 2009. She is one of the honest and powerful rulers of the globe. She is voice of the oppressed people of the world including the Palestinians and Rohingyas. She is steel -strong woman of the East against imperialism.

It is not possible to write on Sheikh Hasina in few words. Her colorful and struggling life which is full of materials to pen down an epic. As I am doing research on the administrative system of Sheikh Hasina, it is my duty to speak something on her administrative system.

1. Today is May 19, 2019. On this day 38 years ago Sheikh Hasina sailed her boat in a rough current but with strong confidence. At that time the country was under the suppressive rule of Military Junta, the country full of political divisions, the country was sinking and also the betrayal of her own party men caused much harm to the party. The country was in uncertain condition and uneasiness of coup, counter -coup culture. At this critical juncture she returned to country when the military ruler was unwilling to give her safe passage to return.

Sheikh Hasina, an alternative name to struggle and resistance she was most loved child of Bangabandhu. Hasu Bubu of Russel, Baro Apa of Sheikh Rehana, Sheikh Kamal and Sheikh Jamal. Apa of Chattra League. She was the leader of Awami League as a symbol of a struggling leader to the countrymen. On August 15, 1975 when at the instigation of CIA and under the coverage of ISI some mischievous army men had killed Bangabandhu along with his family, Sheikh Hasina along with her husband Wazed Mia and Sheikh Rehana escaped the brutal death as they were in Germany. But her escape was not a simple escape but Bangladesh escaped. Due to that escape on that night mother, son and dream of the Bangalees are still alive.

2. Whole family including the father of the nation was lost to the greedy power mongers army men. The party stalwarts either were hiding or changed, the grass root workers were without head and helpless. It was seemed that Bangladesh Awami League will not survive further. The indemnity ordinance remained in tact during Ziaur Rahman. The killers of Bangabandhu got the license of doing politics. There was such undemocratic and uneasy situation prevailed at that time that it was an offence to talk with Sheikh Hasina.

There was such a scare that Bangladesh will never be able to come out from the shadow of rifle and uniform. Under such situation by the grace of Almighty Allah the thousand activists suddenly woke up from the ashes like phoenix on May 17, 1981.

After she returns Awami League got rebirth and started getting energized day by day. Next the power went to another military dictator ‘Shameless Ershad’. Then she and Khaleda Zia wife of the previous military ruler Ziaur Rahman who was killed by army men in a putsch on May 30, 1981 jointly waged movement to dislodge Ershad. In the parliament of 1991 she became the leader of the opposition in the election held after the fall of Ershad. In 1996 after two decades Awami League came to power. Then she consolidated her power both within and outside the party. This laid the foundation of a revolutionary change in the political culture of Awami League.

She solved any problems in -party conflicts or divisions vey judiciously. She set up direct contact between grass root level and the main stream. She gradually became the last resort and place of confidence of all with the title ‘Apa’, leader or Hasu Apa! The foundation of future Bangladesh has been laid though her visionary programs and leadership. Due to her diligence, honesty and qualitative leadership the Tungipara daughter has become the center point of hopes and aspiration. The name of the main gate is Sheikh Hasina for bringing Bangladesh from military rule to democracy.

3. Sheikh Hasina has set up a unique example of diplomatic game by playing all the cards of world politics including India, China, Russia, Britain and USA. Either she has amazed them by her diplomatic tricks or consoled them by her clever foreign policy.

She is now in power for the consecutive third times. During her rule Bangladesh economy has pumped up. Recently an international Financial organization has published a data that in 2030 Bangladesh will exceed India in GDP growth.

Bangladesh people no longer remain unfed. Communication building, bridges, factory setting are going on. There is an endeavor to make the country self sufficient in food. Garments, jute, leather and drug industry are reaching world height. Bangladeshis are going abroad on employment to earn remittance. Bangladesh is among the few to become digital. Service sector is within the reach of the common people. She conquered sea, ignoring the World Bank and other imperialists she is building the dream Padma Bridge by own money. She has taken plan to build deep sea port in the Bay of Bengal in order to establish rights of Bangladesh in the sea. She tried and hanged the killers of Bangabandhu and she also arranged the trial of the war criminals and got them hanged for their crimes against humanity in 1971. She fought for the actual price of the crop, she fought against communalism and crushed out the root of terrorism in the country. She is now fighting against corruption showing zero tolerance. She has implemented the famous Mujib-Indira pact paving the way for solving long pending Teen bigha corridor problem and also exchanged the enclaves with India. Now Bangladesh’s indicator showing better placed than India and Pakistan.

During her rule a new generation is growing up with the spirit of great liberation war. This signifies her return on this day May 17, 1981. This home coming is very significant event in the history of Bangladesh.

4. Becoming envious for her popularity some anti-forces, outside enemies and their local collaborators tried to kill her on several occasions. But due to the blessings of Almighty those conspirators were thrown in the dustbin of history. The grenade attack on her in 2004 could not do any harm and she returned among the people though several people and party leaders laid their lives in the attack. She engaged more attention in nation building.

An orphan, grief stricken, losing family Sheikh Hasina has revived an almost a non functional dead party. She has become Prime Minister for four times. Today her peace model is being discussed in UNO. Today her anti-terrorist policy is being appreciated and well taken by the world community. Her policy is being included in the SDG. Every year she demands the emancipation of the Palestinians. She is the leader of the suppressed and oppressed people of the world.

Simultaneously she is a loving mother and an efficient administrator of the country and steel woman. She is like a fort of the East against the Western hegemony. She is the inspiration of a man to be big in life. My teacher at (Jahangirnagar University in the department of Journalism and Mass Communication busy with the research on Bangabandhu and Sheikh Hasina)Shaikh Adnan Fahad once told that “if any body looks at the life of Sheikh Hasina then he or she does need motivation because there is no one’s life other than the life of Sheikh Hasina’s motivational life, and struggling life. Her success stories can be read and may be discussed for getting inspiration and power of resistance.”

5. Sheikh Hasina is a point of light. She is lighting the whole Bangladesh by her positive administrative capabilities. Due to her side people there might come some limitations but if you evaluate her at the end of the day you will find the image of a successful Sheikh Hasina. She dreams wins standing on debris, and shows to others, she cultivates rose flower with a blood ridden body. She builds resistance against the conspiracy- blue print uniting the people -she is Sheikh Hasina. She gives shelters to the people under her blessings as she provided motherly affection to the ill- fated Rohingyas.

Sheikh Hasina is second to none as the preacher of human welfare. Her work contains the fragrance of the soil of Bangladesh. Aus-Amon- Boro; fish-rice- pulses;Muslin-Jamdani-Hilsha;!757-1947-1952-1966-1969-1970-1971; female-male-young-old; Jari-Sari-Geet-Robi-Nazrul-Sari and Lungi; Hindus, Christian-Buddhist-Muslims; Ha du du –cricket- Kolsindur; University-Madrasha-plane land- hill- North- South- village-town; Agriculture- industry- entrepreneurship- internet-satellite-investment; party- opinion-religion-caste-irrespective Bangladesh; all these collectively is a name; one face, a person who never becomes impatient, never shakes in danger, who never surrenders without ensuring success, victory and without achieving the goal she is second to none, she is a fighter, she is Sheikh Hasina.

We pray to Almighty Allah that our leader Sheikh Hasina be given a life span of hundred years. Let Bangladesh rise at the top with its red green striped flag with the help of her happy coordination of dream and work. She will guide us to achieve the goal making Bangladesh a strong partner in the comity of nations- we hope.