Sleepless nights in Padma only for livelihood

District Correspondent,
Photo: Barta24

Photo: Barta24

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Rajbari,( About five thousand fishermen of Goalunda, Sadar and Pangsha upazilla of Rajbari district are passing sleepless nights taking risks of life in the mad waves of rive Padma for only livelihood. Nothing like flood, storm or tidal bore is a matter of consideration to them. Taking their life in heavy risk they go fishing in the river. They float like algae in the current of river.

It was seen after an on the visit that a row of small boats are tagged in the shore. A number of equipments are found on the boats to trap fishes. Some of them are taking preparation to go for netting fishes. As soon as evening nears yhe fishermen become busy with fading candle of lights. When rain and storm begin in the night some return to shore but some cannot but stay in the river taking risks of life. But many are missed under waves of the river. But as there is a ban on catching of Hilsha fishes has put thousands of fishermen in a very awkward situation.

The fishermen alleged that the though the government has announced ban on fishing but did not make any alternative arrangement for livelihood. Then how we will maintain our family. However the government aid in this respect given to us is very much insufficient in comparison to their need, they alleged. Many try to engage themselves in other profession as the fishing earning does not meet their needs due to ban.

Arman Khan and Nur Islam of Char Daulatdia village of Goalunda told that, “to net fish in stormy nights is very much risky. But what to do? Finding no other alternative we go for netting fish in the inclement weather. Our life is full of troubles. But none cares for it.”

They said that if the government would have given us interest free loan then we could make alternative profession.

Goalunda upazilla Fisheries officer informed that we distribute the allotment from the government among the fishermen. There are 1700 card holders fishermen in this upazilla. But there are some card holders who are not involved with fishing. Very soon we will update the list according to the instructions of the Ministry.

Fisheries officer Mojinur Rahman told that to be self- reliant the fishermen of Rajbari do not get any financial supports. No government allotment was received from the government so far. With the help of Deputy Commissioner of Rajbari Md. Shawkat Ali last year we distributed among 4640 fishermen rice each weighing 30 kilograms. Apart from that each fisherman was given rice weighing 5 kgs. of rice, one kg. pulse, pressed rice, puffed rice, salt, Soyabin, toast biscuit and 12 safety matches and candles to restrain them from catching ‘Jatka’.

However there is some arrangement for the families of the fishermen who get missing while fishing in the river in stormy weather, he added.