Thinking relaxation as an ‘opportunity’ will be a big danger!

Shahahan Molla, Senior Correspondent,, Dhaka
Thinking relaxation as an ‘opportunity’ will be a big danger!

Thinking relaxation as an ‘opportunity’ will be a big danger!

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Every day, the coronavirus is breaking the previous record of infections and deaths and setting new records. Although this high rate of infection continues, the government has given concessions keeping in mind the livelihood. Experts believe that if the relaxation is considered as an 'opportunity' to go out and socialize more and more, then there is a risk of greater danger.

While welcoming the government's decision considering people's livelihoods, they also called for strict adherence to health norms. According to experts, a little carelessness can bring great risks to oneself and one's family.

Eid-ul-Azha, one of the biggest festivals of Muslims will be held on July 21. Sacrificial animals will start coming from villages to towns & cities on the occasion of Eid. People will run from one market in the city to another to buy animals. Because there has been a severe lockdown for a long time, extreme uncertainty has come down in the lives of all classes of people. Considering the livelihood of the people, the government has relaxed the restrictions for 8 days from 15th July to 22nd July. Public transport, trains and shopping malls will operate during this time. Then from July 23 the government will impose strict restrictions again.

Experts said everyone who goes to the village should take the highest protection at the risk of their own lives. Considering the livelyhood of the people without considering the laxity of the government as a means of livelihood, one must follow the rules of hygiene while using public transport in shopping malls and markets because urban villages are nowhere safe. The only way to reduce this high corona infection rate is for people to follow strict hygiene rules. And with that, those who are going home for Eid have to keep the return journey in mind because one day time will be available to return after Eid.

Mirzadi Sebrina Flora, Additional Director General (Planning and Development) at the Ministry of Health, an entomologist and public health expert, told about the high rate of corona infection and relaxation of Eid restrictions. There is no security anywhere that you don't have to go there. The more we move, the more we go to the shopping mall, the less hygienic the human being, the greater the risk of infection.

She added that the government often has to make decisions based on livelihood and the general people. The reason for the government's laxity is not that the infection is increasing. The government relaxes this to ensure livelihood. Rather, it is our responsibility to cooperate with the government in compliance with the health rules.

Mirzadi Sebrina Flora said that if we do not follow the hygiene rules, the risk of infection will increase after Eid. We have to be careful. The government has given opportunities for livelihood that we should not compromise with life. Adherence to hygiene, social distance, and avoidance of work that is not necessary can only be controlled if it is limited to livelihoods.

"Whether the current corona infection rate is likely to decrease depends on a number of factors," she said. One of them is how to follow the hygiene rules. If we were wearing full time masks then maybe we wouldn't need to go to lockdown.

250-bed TB Hospital (Shyamoli, Dhaka) Assistant Director Ayesha Akhter Shilpi told that villages are a little safer than cities because the population density in the village is less than in the city. The village houses are a little far away. Dhaka has a high population density. Due to the distance between the houses in the village, the risk of spreading the infection is less. But there is an opportunity to go out of Dhaka again on Eid, so if you go home with the virus on the way, the risk will increase there too. I can see an example of this after the last Eid-ul-Fitr. The corona Delta type has already spread to different districts as people flock from the city to the villages which has now spread all over the country.

So everyone has to think about their own safety first. Corona can be prevented by following the hygiene rules. "If we can protect ourselves, follow hygiene rules, wear masks and maintain distance, then corona control is possible," said the doctor.

Dr. Ayesha Akhter Shilpi said instructions have been given to run public transport leaving the seats vacant. Shopping malls and hat- bazaars have also been instructed about opening at a distance. There is no problem if these are followed. And if you don't follow the hygiene rules, there is no possibility of reducing corona. Failure to comply with the restrictions will increase the risk.