Kabir Sumon decides to destroy all his creations!

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Dhaka: Kabir Sumon, renowned musician, poet, composer and music director of the subcontinent. Whose songs have a touch of culture and a different style of music! Not only two Bengalis with songs, the world is very popular with Bengalis. Everyday life, thoughts of the unconscious mind, the reality of city life and the feelings associated with it, a wonderful radiance shines through in his songs. He is called a 'life-oriented' singer.
What suddenly happened was that he wanted to destroy his own creation. Voluntarily in any bitter experience of life; Or Kabir Sumon signed a will to destroy his own creation after death out of any pride!

The popular artist of two Bengals has signed a will to destroy everything including his songs, notation, poems and even musical instruments. He also wished to donate his body for medical purposes after his death. He posted a letter on Friday (October 23rd) on his Facebook account.

The life-long artist posted the letter on his Facebook and wrote that it is a very important issue. I am informing everyone without emotion, because when something happens suddenly, a difficult problem arises. A similar problem occurred in 2012 when I was hospitalized with pneumonia. I am informing everyone openly. Please do not comment. Don't write anything good or bad. This is the most important notice of an elderly person. After much experience, I am writing with a lot of thought. On Facebook, so that many people know it. Please do not be emotional, do not give advice. I'm going to do my job, I'll go. There is no frustration, sadness, failure, exhaustion in my life. I live happily, doing my job. In my life, love, desire, cum, lust, joy, revelry, fun, laughter, laughter, secrecy, work, perseverance, regular rehearsal, hard work, creativity are all there. The late Khushwant Singh wrote in his book 'The End of India' - "Kajai Dharma". I think so. My religion works. I am constantly doing my work, that is, practicing my religion. I know I will die happy, happy.

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I am alive Bangla Kheyal Bangla Gaan Suratalachandalaya, my natural love Kam Kamna Khamkhayalipana inconsistency is a kind of Kshyapami and waiting for death from Suratalalaya. I'm not talking about anything else.

Born free
Arbitrary in self-labor and self-expenditure,
Kabir Sumon
23,10, 20