‘Only miracle can save actor Soumitra from death’- Doctors

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Photo: Collected

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Renowned actor Soumitra Chatterjee's physical condition is deteriorating rapidly. Hope is fading. He is not responding to any treatment. He has been kept in different life support. This was stated by Dr. Arindam Kar on behalf of Bellevue Hospital on Saturday (November 14).

Dr. Arindam Kar said they felt that the 40-day fight was a futile exercise. The veteran actor is not responding to any treatment. Dr. Kar thinks that it is possible to come back from this situation only if something miraculous happens.

Soumitra Chatterjee's family has already been informed in detail. They are also accepting the reality. However, the doctors are still not giving up. They said they would continue fighting till the last moment.

The 85-year-old actor underwent a tracheotomy on Wednesday. It was completed successfully. His first phase of plasma pheresis was completed on Thursday. It was hoped that after plasma pheresis, the actor's obsession and incoherence would be cut off. But nothing happened to him on Friday. The reverse situation tends to get worse where Soumitra's level of consciousness was between 9 and 10. It went down to five. When this level reaches three, it is considered as brain death.

His health was not going well when he was at home from last October 1. He became feverish. However, no symptoms of corona were seen. After that, when the sample of his corona was tested on the advice of the doctor, the positive report of his corona came on 5th October. On October 7, he was admitted to Bellevue Nursing Home. Lastly he received a negative report in the corona sample test was on October 14 at the nursing home. After that Soumitra started to recover although he has other diseases besides corona. These include diseases like prostate cancer, COPD, hypertension, diabetes. He recovered from corona but from the night of Durga Ashtami, his health started deteriorating.