Apu left the world of Apu for another world!

Rajiv Nandi
Photo: Barta24

Photo: Barta24

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Corona is a killer of generation, killer of time pandemic. Borrowing Feluda's dialogue, I say, "Now it can no longer be called vegetarian, I can smell a lot of onions and garlic." However, at the beginning of the year, everyone went under house arrest. But in less than nine months, there was nothing left to recognize. Not ‘twenty twenty’, like ‘poison poison’ decay! Rhythm is happening one by one. Among them, today, November 15, fall of god Indra is the great love of legendary actor, narrator Soumitra Chatterjee.

For the last 40 days, he seems to be slowly adjusting. It was as if Apu was packing his bags before leaving Nishchindpur in peace. This afternoon, Apu boarded the ‘Belleview-Corona down Local’ train. By this time he must have reached Ray. Aparna, I have been waiting for this moment for the last month and a half. Kajal, must have grown up a lot, after many years of seeing father and son today! Saying 'duggaaa', Apu is lying on her sister's back for so long!

Today, at the time of Soumitra's departure, our Apu, dear Kshitda, Amal left, Mayurbahan left after playing the togbag sound of the horse's hooves, Sandeep, Asim all walked one by one, trampling on Saumitra's shadow. Udayan Pandit said goodbye to everyone with a silent promise to keep the school running! Prashant left, Feluda fell for the first time! Feluda means Fell, but Feluda is everyone's favorite detective character, who doesn't like to lose. As usual, the Bengali tightens his jaw and commits himself when he sees someone - 'If I don't take revenge, I will give up espionage'. But who knew, today he would be knocked out in the ‘terrible virus’ and Jatayu would no longer get a new plot for his ‘Syam Pratikatam Upanyas’. Topseo will not go anywhere this winter.

Uttam Kumar or Soumitra? One day I heard someone say in the midst of such a complex question - ‘He is the one who goes on the romantic path in good peace and he is the one who goes on different paths’. Yes, Uttam had an everlasting form. In contrast, Soumitra had many forms. A lot like onion peel. Each character was embodied in the front with different characteristics. The first movie of Soumitra's life is 'Apur Sansar'. That movie took the Indian cine industry to the world stage. Soumitra responded by scoring a century in his debut match as a timeless dialogue in that movie. He said, ‘He won’t escape, he won’t escape, he wants to live, he said success in his art, joy in art - he wants to live, he wants to write, he wants to sketch, he wants to act!’

Dear Soumitra, you are Feluda, you are the 'coward', you are the 'people's god' of our adolescence. I got the 'Lightning Signal' earlier this year. Where is the sharpness that you used to sharpen in your brain in the last month and a half? Did the prince of the country, the 'prisoner of Jhind', attack the 'Golden Fortress', but did 'Spring Lament' happen? Don't be 'enemy of the people' today. But you taught me how to keep my spine straight like Udayan Pandit and how to take a counter challenge by tightening my jaw like Feluda! Are you just an 'ex' in the end? The 'goddess' is locked in her door in the temple due to the terrible corona. No matter how much we chant ‘Jaybaba Felunath’, there is no ‘hero’ who will save us. The postmaster era is over, so I wrote you a letter online. Who knew you would end up so soon? Sukhendu is upset today, wondering if reading 'Sat Pake Bandha' is a complicated task; Apu was an unaccountable husband in Apu's family.

While dreaming of 'Akash Kusum', Ajay may be thinking of the consequences of 'Parinita'. The real voice of the Corona pandemic in the world was heard in the delirium of the Pacific. Meanwhile, in order to stop Corona, Dr. Ashoka Guptas are fighting, will fight! Soumitra left 'Apur Sansar' and became a different person from 'Three Worlds'. Whose physical absence will not affect at all. Whoever has such a colorful life, his personality, values will be eternal for Bengalis. In the crisis of the Bengalis, he would come back and say, 'Khan Khan will be the king if you pull the rope.' With the help of Bengalis, he will repeatedly say, 'I do not take bribes, Maganlalji'. Rotner's rumors of a stronger world than Corona's, he will say again and again in a violent society of mass beatings, to sharpen one's 'brain'. Like a magician who said, ‘Yes, I have telepathy. When he goes to give encouragement, he will say, 'Well done Topse'. He will go on with the infallible message like an unpleasant truth, repeatedly telling the Bengalis that 'the opposite of truth is a lie'. And for all the wicked people, there was the famous dialogue for them - ‘What is tickling your back is a firearm. Therefore, it is useless to try to escape. 'Someone pretending to be surprised will come and say to our childhood,' Ganesha was stolen from this house when there was a child like Captain Spark? '

Soumitra is a different character in a wonderful thrilling story with all the mysteries! In the news of Soumitra's death, 'Mitra Bhoot' is slowly descending on my spine. Soumitra of different characters to wear one layer after another like onion peel. So my endless wonderful friendship with Soumitra. Turn off the 'Sanjhabati' next to 'Mayurakshi' today. Turn off all the lights of Diwali! There is only one bright star in the black sky today- Soumitra! ‘Arranging so much joy / All in vain without him ... Let my fist be full / Let the stream be in both eyes’!