Andre Kishore: From bank of Padma to the boundary less music world

Mahfuz Parvez, Associate Editor,
Andrew Kishore/photo: collected

Andrew Kishore/photo: collected

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He was born on the bank of the Padma in the northern Barind region. He was born with roots all his life. He ruled modern Bengali music arena as ‘king’ for several decades. Andrew Kishore is the immaculate wave that floats from the banks of the Padma in the sky of Bangladeshi melody and music.

He never settled in Dhaka. He used to come and gone in need of work. He is also an example of the national arena that can be visited from far away from the capital. He has shattered the notion that everything is available only if any body stays in Dhaka.

He is the favorite artist of all over Bangladesh with his full voice, sharp accent and unique singing place. His voice is incomparable in popularity. He has been unrivaled in modern music and movie playback songs for decades. Born in 1955, he passed away at the age of 65, ending his life in the scorching heat of 2020.

In his songs and melodies, he always spoke the truth, beauty and life. In 1991, Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul’s tuned Andrew touched the hearts of millions of listeners with a heartbreaking song titled ' Jiboner Galpo Achey Baki Alpo’. He ended his life in sickness and suffering in this monsoon. Countless dear fans cried in parallel with the rain.

Not only this song, he sung hundreds of songs, most of which are popular. For example, Haire Manush Rangin Fanoos, Amar Sara Deho Kheo Go Mati, Dak Deyeche Dayal Amare, Sabai to Bhalobash Chai, etc. Reigning in the world of music for four consecutive decades starting from the mid-70s of the last century, he has filled the whole of Bangladesh, the entire Bengali-speaking population with songs.

Andrew Kishore began singing in films in 1977; In the movie Mail Train, to the tune of Alam Khan, through the song 'Achinpurer Rajkanya Ney Je Tar Keu’. Then he also voiced in the film ‘Emiler Goenda Bahini’ of Badal Rahman.. After singing the song 'Ek Chor Jai Chale' from the movie ‘Pratigya’ in 1979, he did not have to look back. However, it has to be stopped due to incurable disease.

He had been suffering from blood cancer for nine months. He was back in the country with treatment from abroad; his favorite address was in that Rajshahi on the bank of the Padma, at his sister's house. There, on Monday (July 7) evening, his death marked the end of an unforgettable musician.

His death has touched the entire country in grief. President Abdul Hamid expressed his condolences and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. State Minister for Culture KM Khalid and everyone in the cultural arena.

Andrew Kishore, a talented vocalist who made everybody cry in this rainy season due to the difficult situation of the corona period, was fond of music from his childhood. This former student of from the bank of Padma washed to the Bengali music will be remembered by the raft of memories singing songs of truth, beauty and life among all, for all the time.