About 19 thousand employees of American Airlines to loose job

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About 19,000 employees of American Airlines, an airliner of the U.S.A could lose their jobs by next October. This information was revealed in a report of the international news media BBC on Wednesday (August 26).

According to the report published by the BBC, American Airlines has received huge incentives from the government since the beginning of Corona to save its employees from being fired. And this financial support of the government is going to end.

The company said 30 percent of its employees will have to be laid off in October this year if government incentives do not extend.

The world's airlines, like other companies, have been hit hard by the rise in coronavirus outbreaks. Companies have chosen the path of layoffs for cost cutting. About 12,500 employees of American Airlines have voluntarily left their jobs since the beginning of March in Corona. As a result, the company lost about 43,000 workers.

Airlines around the world are in a passenger crisis due to the pandemic coronavirus. And so one announcement after another is coming in the wake of the warning that this year the airliner will face a loss of 4800 crore dollars. This has been reported by the BBC.

"We all have to be prepared in any situation," Doug Parker, chief executive of American Airlines and Robert Isom, president, wrote in a message to staff. Policymakers may find no way out of this future crisis. However, in the last three months of the year, it is expected to operate at half the capacity.