Four killed in Capital hill violence

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Photo: Collected

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Four people have so far been killed in an attack by supporters of President Donald Trump on the US Capitol.

Four people, including a woman, were killed in protests, vandalism and shootings by Trump supporters, the BBC reported on Thursday (January 7). In addition, several people were injured.

Washington DC police said four people have been killed so far in violence at the Capitol building. Earlier, a woman was shot dead by police and three others died at the hospital.

The BBC reports that 52 people have been arrested so far. Of these, 48 have been arrested for breaking the curfew.

Thousands of Trump supporters, including members of various extremist groups, gathered in Washington on Wednesday (January 6) to oppose the congressional hearing. Speaking at the rally, Trump announced that he would not accept defeat of the November election. Shortly afterwards, hundreds of Trump supporters broke through security barricades at the parliament building and clashed with police. At one stage, during the Congress session, they broke through the police barricade and entered the Capitol building.

Police later used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse them. The woman was shot dead during a protest by Trump supporters, according to US media reports.
Meanwhile, outgoing President Donald Trump has called on his supporters to return home. In a video message posted on his official Twitter account, he told Trump supporters that the president could understand their pain over the election vote theft. But in the interest of peace, I request you to return home.