‘Moderna vaccine is effective for new corona strain’- Scientists

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Scientists believe that the Moderna vaccine will work against a new strain of coronavirus found in Britain and South Africa.

According to the BBC on Monday (January 25), scientists at the US pharmaceutical company Moderna are quite optimistic about the vaccine.

Preliminary tests have shown that the Moderna vaccine can fight new types of coronavirus, they said. However, more research is needed in this regard. As the new strain becomes stronger, panic has increased in the world.

The new strain of corona spreads to the human body more strongly and quickly than the previous virus. Scientists claim that corona strain found in Britain in September could spread the infection by 70 per cent more than before.

People around the world are being vaccinated against coronavirus on an emergency basis. But as the new type becomes more powerful, questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine are everywhere. But scientists believe that new types of vaccines can  tackle the new strain.

The Pfizer vaccine has already been suggested in the UK to prevent the new virus, based on some preliminary results.

Moderna researchers tested blood samples from eight people infected with the new virus who took two doses of the Moderna vaccine. The final observations of this study data were not made. However, it is recommended to use the vaccine against the new virus.