39 killed in a day in an anti-junta demonstration in Myanmar

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In a single day, 39 protesters were killed by security forces during anti-government protests in Myanmar.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Sunday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

London-based international news agency Reuters quoted local media as saying.

According to the report, 22 protesters were killed in Hlaingtha alone. Citing the Advocacy Group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (APP), the report said they were shot dead by the country's security forces. In addition, 16 people were killed by law enforcement in other cities of the country. The demonstrators were killed in clashes with the police.

The country's state television reported that four garment factories and a fertilizer factory were set on fire in the industrial area of Hlainthaya. The fire brigade tried to control the fire but was stopped by protesters. About 2,000 protesters blocked the fire service.

After the clashes, the military government imposed martial law in the area where Chinese factories and businesses are located.

Citing medical personnel, the report said security forces fired rubber bullets and fresh shots. At least 39 protesters were killed, according to the Myanmar Now website. However, other local media outlets are claiming that the death toll is even higher.

The Chinese embassy has called on Myanmar's junta government to protect their property and citizens. The call came after unidentified assailants set fire to two Chinese-funded garment factories.

Earlier, on March 3, 18 protesters were killed in a single day. This was the highest death toll in a single day of anti-junta protests. In all, 127 people were killed in anti-junta protests until Sunday. Thousands of protesters were injured.

"Three people died in front of my eyes while I was being treated," a paramedic told AFP. I was sending two more to the hospital. That's all I can say at the moment.

More than 126 people have been killed in the uprising in Myanmar since the army took power last month, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. Thousands of protesters were injured.

Aung San Suu Kyi has formed a new group of elected members of the National League for Democracy Party (NLD) who have been able to escape arrest and go into hiding. Its name is Committee for Representing Paidangsu Luttao or CRPH. Mann has been appointed acting head of Wen Khaing Than.

The CRPH is seeking international recognition as the legitimate government of Myanmar, the BBC reported.

Speaking on Facebook from a secret location on Saturday, Khaing Than said it was the darkest moment in the nation but the dawn was near.

The CRPH has announced that it is working to create a federal democracy in Myanmar. Its leaders are in talks with representatives of armed groups from the country's largest ethnic groups and some groups have already pledged support for the CRPH, Reuters reported.

These rebel armed groups have established their control over large areas of Myanmar.