Corona infection cases increasing racing with time

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Racing with time the number of corona patients has been increasing. Researchers are also frostbite at the moment of crisis in the world to discover its antidote. In China, after the infection of first man it took 67 days to become one lakh, next one lakh in 11 days and in next four days it became third lakh, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

The death toll from the outbreak has risen to 16,514 across world. With this, the number of infected is increasing. 3 lakh 78 thousand 848 are now suffering from corona across the world.

Corona: Italian doctors die:
The Italian Federation of Doctors said in a statement that 23 doctors have died in Italy after suffering from a novel coronavirus.

The number is increasing gradually, the statement added. Also in every evening, a list of infected health workers from Isolation Superior de Sanita is released. If any one does not die from the virus, it is also reported.

UK lockdown:
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced UK lockdown to prevent deadly coronavirus. In the UK, 54 people died in a single day bringing the total casualties to 335 people. The total number of infected is 967 while the present number of infected in UK stands at 6650.

603 people die in 24 hours in Italy:
603 people died from corona in Italy during the last 24 hours. There are 4790 newly infected. With this the country the number of total infected is 63928. Italy even has surpassed China in death toll. So far in Italy corona has killed 6 thousand 78 people.

Thousands are affected in France:
Along with Italy the number of infection in France is increasing. In a single day 3838 people have been infected in the country. The total number of people infected in this country is 19856. 186 people died in a single day bring the total death to 860.

140 people died in US in a single day:
140 persons died in the United States in one day. The death toll has risen to 553. There are 10168 newly infected. The total number of people infected in this country is 43734.

539 died in Spain in one day:
539 people died in Spain in one day. With this, the death toll in the country stood at 2311. In Spain 6368 people have been newly infected. In the last one month 35 thousand 136 people were infected.