Each shot of corona vaccine of India is priced at 1000 Rupees  

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The Coronavirus vaccine is planned pricing at 13.20 per shot, or Rupees 1,000 per shot, according to the Biotech Farm Serum Institute of India (SII).

Once the coronavirus vaccine is developed, its production will be a big challenge. Because literally the world needs at least 20-30 million shot vaccines which will be produced in various manufacturing companies around the world.

One of the potential manufacturers is the Biotech Farm Serum Institute of India (SII). Located in Pune, India, the company is a world-leading vaccine manufacturer.

Oxford University is at the forefront of the race to develop the coronavirus vaccine. SII is preparing to produce the Oxford vaccine (ChAdOx1 nCoV-19). On 23 April, the University of Oxford began the first phase of clinical trials of the vaccine against SARS-Covid-2 (coronavirus vaccine). One dose will be given to 1112 healthy volunteers. The purpose of which is to know about the immunity and protection of the vaccine.

According to SII Executive Director Suresh Yadav, the company will start developing the vaccine as soon as the third phase of the vaccine (vaccine given to thousands of people) or the combined second and third phase trials begin. When the last two phases of the test are combined, they will start producing the vaccine by the end of June.

The vaccine maker plans to keep the price of each shot of the potential Covid-19 vaccine at Rupees 1,000 or 13.20 dollars.
However, Dr. Cyrus Punewala of SIIA said the Indian government would provide the possible vaccine to the people of the country free of cost.

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