Bolton’s book may divulge the “Deeds” of Trump

International Desk,, Dhaka
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John Bolton was national security adviser to US President Donald Trump. Donald Trump fired the official in September last year. During his tenure in office in the White House, he wrote a book titled ‘The Room Where It Happened.’

A manuscript of the book was also leaked late last year which also put Trump's impeachment trial untenable. Now the question is what is in this book for which Trump himself and his party  Republicans are facing objections and dangers.

> Nuclear deal with Iran in 2015

> To ensure that the President is elected for a second term in the 2020 elections

> Seeking help from Chinese President Xi Jinping

> US’s aggressive foreign policy

The book also contains important information about Trump and his party. The Trump administration has already filed a lawsuit to stop the publication of the book. According to The Guardian, the book is scheduled to be published on June 23 And Trump's attempt to stop the publication of the book.

Thousands of copies of ‘The Room Were It Happened’ have already been sent to booksellers for sale on Tuesday (June 16). Judicial attorneys could face a legal battle in Washington District Court. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has condemned it on Twitter as a 'collection of lies and fabricated stories'. He called Bolton "crazy" and blew him away.

Bolton wrote the book with important information about the White House and the country, according to the lawsuit filed to stop the publication. If the book is published, the national security of the country will be threatened. Earlier, on June 15, Trump threatened Bolton. Trump also commented that he may have to face ‘criminal problems’. Trump also made it clear that publishing books with state secrets would violate the law.

The U.S. Civil Liberties Union said Trump cannot stop publication of  Bolton's book. All the efforts of his party will fail.