One afternoon on a deserted sea beach!

Zakaria Mondal, Free Lancer,
photo: collected

photo: collected

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Desolate beach. One wave after another is coming and scratching its head in the sand without tourists. The cold wind is touching the sea. Even though it is very hot, it is not able to get up at all with the wind.

Cox's Bazaar beach experienced without tourists for a few days due to lockdown restrictions. The jellyfish floating in the waves are frozen in the wet sand. Dried up algae on the beach. A horse is advancing west on the swaying movement near them. There is no rush for lonely riding today. For the last few days, no tourist has joined his fortune.

Chairs are piled on the beach. Laboni, Sugandha, Kalatali are all empty. The boy named Aziz seemed to come running from nowhere with a camera in hand. He takes Tk. five for each photo.

Even though it is a corona period, Abdul Aziz still counts rents Tk. 250/-. If he doesn't use the camera now, the owner may not be able to rent it to him next season. So even if there is no income, the rent of the camera has to be calculated daily. Shapanchek like him roams the beach in Cox's Bazaar every day with a camera. He makes pictures of tourists. He goes back home in the evening with the income of the whole day. Today, of course, their number is innumerable. Most of the cameramen did not come to the beach today as they did not get any tourists in the last few days.

The story of Jahidul Islam is different. The boy of ten / twelve wearing shorts basically shows the game. His sport means physical exercise. It tumbles on the sand. He lifts his legs and walks on the sand with his hands. He lifted the body into the air with both hands. He is happy with what he gives.

But for a few days, Jahidul did not get anyone to show the game. Yet hope did not give up. Even today, there is Zhamarisk forest near the beach. Many more beachgoers like him are sitting to rest in the shade of Zhamarisk.

Only the vibrations of the wind in the palm trees that stand as silent witnesses to the empty beach. The branches are constantly moving. The deserted beach seems to be telling the story of life.