4 Ways to Manage Your Anger

Fawzia Farhat Anika, Staff Correspondent, Lifestyle
Anger should be handled properly

Anger should be handled properly

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Just like all other feelings such as being happy or sad or depressed, anger is also a very instinctive feeling. However, anger is a very negative emotion that can cover most of a human's good qualities. Personal and family areas, workplace, relationships, or even good friendships can be lost in the moment because of a word or an act of anger.

Like other feelings, anger will appear time to time. But how to handle thyself in times of anger is the main fact. Here are some good ways to handle thyself in times of anger.

Deep breathing exercises

Deep breathing exercises will work well in case of excessive anger caused by any incident. Anger tightened the muscles of the body very easily. So instead of letting anger build up, deep breathing exercises will help to ease the body and mind.

Counting method

Counting method is one of the very old and effective methods for anger management. When you begin counting numbers to divert attention, it works really quickly to reduce anger. That way one can easily keep thyself away from unwanted behavior.

Stay in present

Whenever anger arises, you should try to focus your attention on present. Often anger could be triggered by any event occurred in past. In these times, it is very important to pay attention to the flow of current events to divert attention away from that specific incident.

Listening to music

When rage gets triggered by an event, music can help to minimize the rage. The melody and rhythm of favorite song work wonderful to calm the nerve quickly and to divert attention. Favorite songs can easily dispel the dissatisfaction of one’s mind. Whenever you feel angry, just start listening to your favorite song and let it go.