Go green with Green Tea

Fawzia Farhat Anika, Staff Correspondent, Lifestyle
Green Tea

Green Tea

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Undoubtedly green tea has always been considered as one of the healthiest drinks of all.

With the power of antioxidants and various nutrients green tea create a positive and powerful effect on our body. Thought it has a bit bitter taste, it helps to get a better health when one is taking green tea daily.

In recent time green tea has become the talk of the town with its impressive benefits. Let’s dig into some beneficial facts of green tea supported by various studies.

Helps to improve Brain Function

Green tea not only makes you healthier, but smarter too. It also has caffeine in itself. Though not as much as coffee does, but enough to stimulate our brain to work faster. Caffeine improves brain functions; improve mood, memory and reaction time.

Improves in burning Body Fat

Green tea is one of the most valued natural ingredients of fat burning supplements. Because several studies shows, green tea increase fat burning and metabolism rate higher than usual. Which lead to not only reduce body fat but also increase in energy.

Green Tea

May lower risk of Cancer

Uncontrollable growths of cells cause cancer. Not to mention, cancer is one of the most leading causes of death among the world. Studies refer that, oxidative damage contributes to the development of cancer and antioxidant may help to protect the harmful effect. As a valid and excellent source of antioxidant, green tea helps to reduce the risk of showing breast, prostate and colorectal cancer.

Beneficial for Dental health

Green tea has catechins which have some biological effects in it. Several studies show that catechins can kill and inhibit harmful virus like- influenza virus, which can potentially lower risk of infection.

Same way green tea inhibit streptococcus mutans, a kind of harmful bacteria grows inside of our mouth. This virus cause plaque leading cavities and tooth decay.

Green Tea

May lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes

About 400 million people worldwide now are affected with type 2 diabetes. As this disease creates insulin resistance, it elevates blood sugar level. Studies suggest green tea can improve insulin sensitivity and can reduce or maintain blood sugar level.

Helps to reduce risk of Cardiovascular Disease

One of the biggest causes of death is cardiovascular diseases like- stroke. But good thing is, green tea can improve heart health by lowering LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Also green tea increases the capacity of blood antioxidants. To be exact regular green tea drinker lower risk of heart disease up to 31%.