Prevention is better than cure: physio Dr Umme Salma

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It is not only about age. People who work at computer or laptop, particularly not from a proper position or distance, such as leaning from the chair, can develop musculoskeletal disorder, injuries or pain in the joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons, and structures that support limbs, neck and back.

However, it has prevention or solution in proper physiotherapy.

Dr Umme Salma, consultant physiotherapist and executive director of the capital's Mayfair Wellness clinic had a presentation on the disorder in a workshop organized by at its office on Sunday (October 26) afternoon. editor-in-chief Alamgir Hossain, along with the journalists and staff of the organization participated in the workshop organized as part of its health awareness scheme.

Prevention is better than cure
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In her presentation Dr Umme Salma highlighted the ways of raising awareness and ensuring remedy of the disorder. 

She said, citing an assessment, pain in neck, back, waistm, backbone, joints, feet, elbows, wrist is more prevalent among those work sitting at one place for long hours.

However, one can be saved from this problem if they follow the rules while working, she said. 

“Prevention is better than cure,” she added.