Pre-cast work at Jaijira end of Padma Bridge is almost complete

Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Super T-girder pre-cast concreting work of Viaduct at Jajira end of Padma Bridge has been completed. In other words, the concreting work of 234 super T-girders, 42 I girders and 1209 roadway slabs required for the this end has been completed.

On Tuesday (August 18), the Padma Bridge project executive engineer Dewan Md. Abdul Quader said.

Meanwhile, roadway slabs on 9 spans and railway slabs on 14 spans have been installed, including all spans of 20 spans on the Jajira side. Now, the structural work on the Jajira end is nearing completion (except for the viaduct deck slab and parapet only).

As of July 31, this year, the progress of the main bridge has been -89.25%, the progress of river-governance work has been -74.00% and the overall progress has been -81.00%.

Of the total 2917 roadway slabs of the bridge, 870 have been installed, 1400 out of 2959 rail slabs and 195 out of 436 viaduct girders have been installed. Out of 41 spans of the main bridge, 31 have been installed. The remaining 10 spans are in the Mawa Construction Yard. Of which 7 have been completed and the remaining 3 are in progress.

If the water starts to recede, the installation of span may start after September 15. The concerned people are hoping that it will be possible to install all the rest spans by December.

It is to be noted that on July 31, 2020 at 2 pm a sudden erosion hit the Mawa Construction Yard, the intensity of the erosion lasted till 1 am night. Due to the erosion, 192 railway steel stringers (4 together 48 sets) and 126 (later with 1 additional) roadway slabs fell into the river.

Subsequently, all the materials have already been safely removed from the area. A few days before the survey, there were no signs of erosion.

The employed contractor has already placed orders for the construction of 192 railway stringers (girders) in Luxembourg, which were lost in river due to the sudden erosion. It will take 3 months to make stringers / girders and one month for shipping. Moreover, the rescue work of all the stringers that have fallen into the river will start as soon as the water recedes. Keeping in mind that time is not wasted, the contractor has ordered a full 192 stringers. Stringers that can be found from the river can also be used if useful.

Besides, the contractor has also undertaken the construction of 126 roadway slabs. The work of making 5 slabs has already been completed. It was informed that it will be possible to make everything within the next 1 month.