Futile attempts to break the lock to escape from fire!

District Correspondent, Barta24.com, Naryanganj
Photo: Barta24.com

Photo: Barta24.com

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The horror of the blast at the West Talla Baitus Salat Jame Mosque of Narayanganj is slowly being revealed by seeing the signs inside the mosque. The Musallis tried to survive after the explosion and painful pictures are emerging all over the mosque. Burnt skin and cloth are scattered across the floor. The melted plastic on the walls and the wreckage of the AC fan seem to testify to the horror.

Inside the mosque on Saturday (September 5), AC, lights, fans, chairs, wires, various plastic parts of the watch and the outside are melted. The glass partitions inside the mosque were bent outwards in the blast. The glass verandah of the mosque has been broken in pieces. Where the mosque was supposed to be silent, today the mosque has been reduced to rubble. The fragrance of perfume and rose water filled the mosque with the smell of burnt people.

Signs of a tragic scene can be seen next to the pulpit of the mosque. There is a trace of blood on a door next to the pulpit. Blood-soaked fingerprints on the walls and locks, as if someone had tried to break the lock to escape and wanted to enter the next room. But before that the omnipresent fire took away all the energy from the body. In his strong desire to survive, he wanted to break the lock by bleeding his own hand. But it was not possible to write the fate.

Meanwhile, three separate committees have been formed to investigate the blast. The fire service and civil defense, Titas Gas and Narayanganj district administrations formed these committees separately. These committees were formed on Saturday morning after the blast on Friday.

Narayanganj Deputy Commissioner Jasim Uddim said a five-member probe committee has been formed with Additional Deputy Commissioner Khadija Taheri Bobby as the convener. The inquiry committee has been directed to submit an investigation report within the next five working days. The district administration will pay Taka 20,000 for burying the bodies of the dead and Taka 10,000 for the treatment of the injured.

Titas Gas authorities have formed a five-member investigation committee, said Mofizul Islam, DGM of the company's Narayanganj office. Abdul Wahab, general manager of Titas Gas' Dhaka office, has been made the head of the committee.

A four-member inquiry committee headed by Fire Service Director (Operations) Lieutenant Colonel Zillur Rahman has been asked to submit a report within 10 working days.

Meanwhile the death toll in Naryanganj mosque blast has risen to 18 with the death of two more at Sheikh Hasina Burn and Plastic Surgery Institute where they had been undergoing treatment. The condition of the rest 19 were stated to be critical who got 60 -70 percent burn injury on their bodies including damage of the respiratory organs, said a hospital source.