‘BNP-Jamaat knows a good art of lying’ – Sheikh Hasina

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Dhaka: Who was behind the BDR mutiny? We had just formed the government. It is never reasonable that after immediate formation of government we would create an unusual situation in the country. Therefore, there is no doubt that those who could not come to power then did it, said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He said, BNP-Jamaat has a good art of lying.

The leader of the House in the Jatiyo Sangsad(JS) made the remarks while participating in the discussion on the condolence motion against Sahara Khatun and Israfil Alam in the ninth session of the 11th (JS) on Sunday (September 6).

She said that Sahara Khatun has performed her duties as the Home Minister with utmost honesty. I saw her courageous role during the BDR mutiny. This incident of BDR happened just 52 days after we formed the government. Among the army officers killed in the BDR incident, 33 belonged to Awami League families. Even the BDR DG was the cousin of Lutfar Hai Sachchu, a JS member. It has been seen that many of the grandsons of our Awami family and even the grand son Abdul Malek Ukil Saheb died there. We tried to stop it as soon as it happened to protect the officers and their families there. When we deployed the army there, as soon as the army landed, a few army officers were killed in their firing.

She said the BDR incident was an unusual occurrence. The day before I went in a good environment, the next day something like this happened there. Who was behind this? We have just formed the government. It is never reasonable for us to form a government and create an unusual situation in the country. So those who could not come to power were behind them then and those who created 1/11 with them had the idea that the election would be a un-parliament but when they saw that the Awami League came out with a majority then those who were inside were trying to sabotage everything. There is no doubt about it. One day its truth will come out.

The Prime Minister said BNP-Jamaat has a good art of lying. For example, after the grenade attack on August 21, starting from Khaleda Zia, the people of their party said that I had hit the grenade by myself or with the grenade and it was widely publicized. When the BDR incident took place, they started propaganda in the same way. But no one will ever find an argument for it. Sahara Khatun saw went there with courage. She asked the BDRs to surrender their weapons, dared to go there at night and surrender their weapons and they did. Many army personnel rescued the family that day. Life has been threatened while trying to rescue him. When I was living in Jamuna, the leader said that I have survived with some kind of life. They also went to attack him. Sahara Apa played an adventurous role in this situation.

Regarding the efficiency of Sahara Khatun, she said that she worked honestly as the Home Minister, for which during the BNP rule Bangla Bhai was created, militancy was created, bomb attacks were carried out in 500 places, grenade attacks were done where there was anarchy. Then the 1/11 was another unusual situation at that time. In this situation, she took the charge of the Ministry of Home Affairs and brought the law and order situation of the country back to normal. Sahara Apa has set an example by performing her duties at difficult times to normalize the journey of human life and ensure the safety of human life. She was a devoted soul, she had no wants. She has given away everything to the leaders and workers. He has worked for the country all the time. She was a very brave woman and a devoted patriot to our organization. I have been acquainted with him since my student life as an activist of Chhatra League.

Referring to her relationship with Sahara Khatun, the Prime Minister said that during the mass uprising of 1969 and the 6-point movement and the election of 1970, former minister Badrunnesa Ahmed under her leadership used to send us to different areas to campaign. At that time one man one vote, one vote for one and vote counting method was taught. There we worked together with Sahara Apa and the late Ivy Rahman in the seat where the Father of the Nation was a candidate in the 70's election. Then when I came back in 1981, Sahara Apa had always been by my side since I came back. She was one of those people who was by my side all the time. It is a pity that everyone is going away one by one.

She said Sahara Khatun played a role in every movement and struggle, she had no fear. Even when Ershad was in power, she was beaten and tortured and even thrown in the dustbin with broken legs. Even when Khaleda Zia came to power, she was subjected to unlimited oppression; Police force on one side and cadre force of Chhatra Dal on the other. Because Khaleda Zia used to say that she would straighten the Awami League with the help of Chhatra Dal.

When I was arrested in 2007, one case after another was filed. While the BNP was in power 12 cases were filed against me and 5-6 more cases were filed after the caretaker government came to power. One of their attempts was to settle the cases as soon as possible. In fact, she used to be present me in court every day. Sahara Apa was always present in these cases. I saw her courageous role.

Regarding Awami League MP Israfil Alam, the Prime Minister said, I did not understand that Israfil Alam would leave at such a young age. He had corona and it was cured but he actually had kidney problems. He did not observe health rules. When he got a little better and went home then he went to the area and got sick again and never came back. I have lost countless leaders and workers of Awami League in corona. Because they went to give relief, they went to give relief during floods, they had to stand by people and gave their lives. The same is true of Israfil. He was very talented and I wanted him to be a good parliamentarian in the future. And he could have gone to a better position in the future, but that opportunity never came. We lost a good parliamentarian of the future.