Gold price jumps in local market

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Dhaka: Bangladesh Jewelers Association has decided to increase the price of gold in the country's market to a maximum of Taka 1750 per Bhari (11.64 gram). By doing so, the price of good quality or 22 carat gold will be Taka 74,800. The new gold price will be effective across the country from Thursday (September 10).

The matter was reported in a press release of the Jewelers Association on Wednesday (September 9).

According to the decision of the Jewelers' Association, from Thursday (September 10), 22 carat gold will be sold at Taka 74,800, 21 carat gold at Taka 70,858 and 18 carat gold at Taka 62,110 per Bhari (11.64 grams). And the gold of the traditional method will stand at Taka 51,788.

In a press release, Bajus said that despite the coronavirus pandemic and the global economic recession, the weakening of the US dollar due to the Sino-US trade war, the fall in oil prices and other complex economic equations, though gold prices fell in two phases on August 13 and August 21 but it increased in the county’s bullion market.