'New generation to take the forward with present pace'- Sheikh Hasina

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Dhaka: Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said, "From now on, we will give instructions on how to take the country forward, not just now, but how the next generation will take the country forward." ."Whoever comes in the future, they can move forward," she said. Because we are old. I am 74 years old now. So you have to keep that in mind. How long!
She made the remarks in her introductory speech at a meeting of Awami League presidium members at the Prime Minister's official residence  Ganobhaban on Wednesday (September 16). The party president Sheikh Hasina presided over it. 
This was the first meeting of the presidium of the party's highest policy-making forum, the Ganobhaban, after a meeting of the party's parliamentary board amid a coronavirus-infected situation. Other members of the presidium were present at the meeting.
Sheikh Hasina said, "Economically we are in a fairly good position." The budget deficit was 6 percent this time. My decision was to hold 10 percent if needed. But we did not like that. So we have been able to keep the wheel of our economy moving by keeping it in place. 
Because as a political party, Awami League is the only political party which has an economic policy, but we work keeping it in mind. Which is why we are taking any step very carefully. We are abiding by the policy of our party but we are taking all the steps.
She said, "I formed the government in 2008 and took a plan in 2010 from 2010 to 2020." There now we have formulated that perspective plan from 2021 to 2041 and we have accepted that as well.
Bangladesh is a delta. Our delta; thinking about the future of this delta, Sheikh Hasina highlighted the various steps taken by her government. "Because you know, I've been talking about river dredging all the time," she said. There was a time when I felt like no one was talking about dredging except Matia Apa. Many experts also raised questions about it. But we used to call this dredging dredging like a broken record the day before. So now everyone is coming our way again. Now even those experts now say that dredging is the only way.
Our rivers are being eroded, rivers are being damaged. It is needed to save the rivers. That's what we did with the Delta Plan. This is the goal of the Delta Plan, to protect and secure the delta by maintaining the navigability of the river by dredging as many large rivers as we have. Our goal is to make the people of our country live a beautiful life and accelerate economic development. With that goal in mind, we have formulated and are implementing Delta Plan 2100.In other words, since the Awami League under the leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has brought independence to this country, so when we are in government, our responsibility is not only now, but how this country will move forward for the next generation. From now on, we will prepare or give instructions on how to proceed."Yes, that's exactly what we're doing," she said. Need to change, need to refine. It has to be done, it's the rules. We know that too but still a framework is a concept or a guideline; If it is in front then any work can be done very easily in the future. 
So those who come after that should not be lost, they should have a direction, a specific goal, or we should go here. That’s why we made the first perspective plan. Then I made a second perspective plan. What will happen till 2041? The United Nations has announced SDG-2030 again.
To achieve the sustainable development goals, economic development must be a stable economic development. We are implementing the provisions that apply to our country. 
We have been successful in implementing the MDGs. We will also have success in implementing the SDGs, so we are implementing the provisions that are applicable to our country.