Durga Puja celebration in restrictions due to Corona

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Dhaka: The Puja Celebration Committee has decided to restrict the celebration of the Shardiya Durga Puja. This time, the Kumari Puja will not be held in Dhaka. The temple was also ordered to be closed by 9 pm.
On Saturday (October 17), the leaders of the Puja Celebration Committee announced the decision at a meeting of the Shardiay Durga Puja at the Dhakeshwari Temple complex.
The organization's general secretary Nirmal Kumar Chatterjee said special prayers will be made to get spare Covid during Durga Puja this time.
The leaders of the Puja Committee said that the Durga Puja, which is being held in the Month of Ashwin, is now delayed even though the Mol started in Mahalaya on September 17.
After about 35 days, the Sharadiya Durga Puja will begin at the Invitation of the Goddess at the sixth tithi on October 22.They also said that there will be no festival in Durga Puja. 
Fireworks, lighting, cultural events and concerts will not be held. The temple will not even distribute 'Bhog' during  the pujas to stop the gathering. 
The devotees will be discouraged from coming to the temple in the evening. The temples will try to use digital methods to help the speakers to get their homes to the temple.  The temple will have separate entrances for men and women. 
In accordance with the social distance, visiters can use masks to give the anjali. Vijaya will not be in the tenth place. 
They also said that the temples would be given the statue to be removed under their own management.A total of 30,231 idols have been erected across the country. Due to Corona, 1,185 idols are less than the previous year.The meeting was attended by the President of the Association, Milan Kanti Dutta, Dhaka Municipal President Shailendranath Majumdar, General Secretary Kishore Ranjan Mandal, Professor Chandranath Poddar of Dhaka University, Jl Voomik etc.