39th span of Padma Bridge will be set on Friday

Md. Rubel Islam Tahmid, District Correspondent, Barta24.com, Munshiganj
Photo: Barta24

Photo: Barta24

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Of the total 41 spans of the Padma Bridge, only three still remain. Of these three spans, the 39th span will be installed at the Mawa end of the bridge on Friday (November 27). The span will be placed on 10 and 11 pillars in Mawa part of Munshiganj. It is going to be visible 5 thousand 650 meters of the bridge. This 39th span is going to be set on the 6th day of the 38th span.

On Thursday (November 26) evening, the Padma Bridge Executive Engineer (Main Bridge) Dewan Abdur Quader has confirmed this information. He said the span would be installed tomorrow if the weather was favorable and there were no technical complications. And in this November, it will be possible to install a total of 4 spans on the bridge.

Meanwhile, lifting and ancillary activities are underway at the end of Mawa. The floating crane Tiain-e will leave the Kumarbhog Construction Yard on Friday between 8am and 9am with a 150-meter span for the designated pillar.

The distance between the two pillars is one and a half kilometers from Kumarbhog Construction Yard. After the distance is covered by the floating crane, the span will be installed on the same day if there is no technical problem in the next process and if the weather is favorable.

However, in case of hostile weather or complications, the span will take some time to settle down. According to engineering sources, if the 39th span sits down, there will be 2 spans left. There are plans to install the 40th span ‘2-E’ on the 11th and 12th pillars in December and the 41st span ‘2-F’ on the 12th and 13th pillars.

Of these, 1,646 railways and 1,236 road way slabs have been installed on the bridge. Construction of the Padma Bridge began in December 2014. The Padma Bridge became visible on September 30, 2016 with the installation of the first span on poles 37 and 38. Then 36 spans were placed one by one. It has made visible 5 thousand 600 meters of the bridge.

6.15 km long Padma Bridge will be constructed by placing 41 spans of 150 m length on 42 pillars. All the pillars are already visible. China Major Bridge Engineering Company (MBEC), a Chinese contractor, is working on the construction of the main bridge and Sino Hydro Corporation, another company of China is working on river training. Abdul Momen Limited of Bangladesh has constructed two connecting roads and infrastructure. The main shape of the 6.15 km long multipurpose bridge will be two-storey. The structure of the bridge is being constructed with concrete and steel.