The cry of a language veteran of Mymenshing

Dr. Mahfuz Parvez, Associate Editor,, Dhaka


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A language veteran is crying. He could not pay homage at the Shaheed Minar. The language veteran who brought the wreath was not allowed to enter. An incident took place on February 21 in Mymensingh district, which is also the birthplace of a language martyr.

The incident took place in Ishwarganj upazila of Mymensingh The place of occurance is Atharabari Degree College. A 90-year-old language veteran stood at the gate for about two hours. He was not allowed to enter or he could not enter. He cried openly in such a helpless and humiliating situation. He later returned without paying his respects. But every year he paid homage. Only 2021 was left out.

The security guard claimed, ‘I didn’t understand. In addition to me, many people have the key. 'This can be a principal or a responsible teacher. Or it may be another officer or employee.

The principal of the college said, ‘I am on leave due to illness. He was supposed to be the convener of the National Day.

Current convener said, ‘One of my relatives had died. So I am in Habiganj. 'However, he claimed that he was not given any responsibility to celebrate the day from the college.

Only relevant statements were made from the published news. The indifference and irresponsibility of those concerned about a nationally important day is evident from the words. The names are implied so that no one is personally hurt. However, this does not diminish the sensitive-depth of the incident at all.

This is on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the language movement. It gives an idea of the attitude of the society towards the language movement and the people concerned. Needless to say, what would happen to the general public and other institutions in the event of such a lack of coordination and surprise in the celebration of International Mother Language Day in the case of a higher education institution?

Not only in Mymensingh, but also in different parts of the country, language veterans are deprived of proper respect and recognition. Many spoke of neglect and pain in the media. It sounds bad, but these are the realities. In many parts of the country, like many freedom fighters, language veterans described the extremely difficult situation. Once, in Kishoreganj, the language veterans boycotted the program due to lack of due respect. However, it cannot be said that those concerned have come to their senses. In Mymensingh, a language veterans would not have to cry. We should not have known about such a nasty incident.

Not only the language veterans, but also the Bengali language is neglected. Even in 70 years, it was not possible to establish Bengali language at all levels. The education system could not be streamlined with mother tongue Bengali at the center. Bengali did not get access to many areas of higher education. Necessary books have not been translated into Bengali. The application and spread of Bengali language in higher education is still a far cry.

Another problem that is most serious sometimes comes to the fore. It is seen that some people climb on the altar in shoes to pay homage to the immortal Ekushey. Sometimes in the Shaheed Minar, a group, party or sub-faction pays homage in a show of strength. These are undoubtedly ominous.

Apart from the formalities of Ekushey, on other days of the year, cows, goats as well as drug addicts and anti-social groups gather at the Shaheed Minar and the surrounding premises. The news that is often published in the media is not only extremely insulting, but also dangerous because, illegal, immoral and criminal activities are undoubtedly shameful and remorseful to the sacred symbol of the bloodshed legacy of the nation.

Neglect, indifference, disrespect cannot be desirable around the language movement which is the first step towards the earthly, social, political movement and achievement of the nation. It is the moral duty of every member of the entire nation, including the administration, to respect the language soldiers and uphold the dignity of the Shaheed Minar. Let us not forget this fact.