Committee at union level for vaccination and controlling surge of corona

Senior Correspondent,, Dhaka
ছবি: বার্তা২৪.কম

ছবি: বার্তা২৪.কম

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To deal with the corona situation, the government is planning to launch a massive vaccination campaign. Vaccines will be administered at the union level across the country from Saturday, August 7. At the union level, a committee has been formed in each union and ward of the country to properly control the vaccination and corona surge.

On Wednesday (July 28) an order to this direction was issued signed by Deputy Secretary Abu Zafar Ripon. Union Committee: The chairman of this committee will be the chairman of the concerned union council. Other members of the committee are: a secondary school teacher, a prominent social worker / a local dignitary, a freedom fighter, deputy assistant agricultural officer, union land assistant officer, assistant health inspector, family welfare assistant, a madrasa teacher, a primary school teacher, at union level a representative of the working NGO, a representative of the management committee of the largest hat-bazaar under the union, the UP secretary of the concerned union council. This committee may co-opt one or more members for the convenience of work.

Ward Committee: The president is the concerned ward member. The members of the committee are: a primary school teacher, a prominent social worker / local dignitary, a prominent freedom fighter, a madrasa teacher, a reserved female member, a union representative working at the union level, family welfare inspector, health assistant, imam of the mosque, hatbazar management committee. A representative, community health care proprietor, village police concerned ward, a member of Ansar / VDP. However, in the case of election of members, the opinion of the chairman of the committee will prevail.

Scope of the Committee: To motivate people from all walks of life to get vaccinated, to help bring the elderly to the Vaccine Center, to check the body temperature and oxygen level of the coronavirus suspects, to send them to the Upazilla Hospital for rapid antigen test if applicable, to isolate the identified persons. Ensuring isolation quarantine of infected people and preventing secondary infections through them, encouraging people of all walks of life to use hygiene masks in hygiene, avoiding crowds at hat-bazaar tea shops or public gatherings, assisting in safety app registration, hygienic masks, vaccine activities, etc. The committee will also arrange miking in the area's hat-bazaar and other places.