Sellers are struggling to cope with the pressure of Eid shopping in Barishal

Staff Correspondent,, Barishal


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Barishal city's Eid market has become crowded ahead of the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr. The sellers are also very happy with this. At the same time, tailors in the city have stopped taking orders. All in all, sellers are struggling to cope with the pressure of buyers.

Since the last 15th Ramadan, retail and wholesale clothing sellers of districts, upazilas and cities have started various decorations and preparations to attract customers. Small and big markets, famous foreign showrooms and shopping malls are full of clothes inside and outside all the areas are shining with colorful lights. Markets are also crowded with enthusiastic buyers. Fashion houses and markets are spread out with new collections brought from different countries of the world including India.

Householders are busy shopping with their families. Selling running until midnight. Also there is a bikini going on in shoe showrooms. A huge rush was observed in the tailors making the clothes. Meanwhile, big tailors have stopped taking orders for making clothes.

BM College students Jessica Ahmed Jui, housewives Mumtaz Begum, Ferdous Jahan Ankhi, who came to Chawkbazar in the city to buy Eid clothes, said that this year, since the second week of fasting, they have visited several markets in the city for Eid shopping. But this year, the prices of all Eid items and clothes are three to four times higher than last year.

Mrinal Kanti Saha, the owner of 'Swadeshi Bastralaya' in Chowkbazar area of the city, said that customers are buying clothes and sarees with new designs.

Overcrowding of buyers has been observed in Chawkbazar, Venus Market, Sadar Road, Hemayet Uddin Road, Sobahan Complex, Fakir Complex, shopping malls of the city. Also, the crowd of buyers from lower and middle class families is noticeable in City Market and Mohsin Market.

This year around Eid, the markets of the city are full of foreign clothes as well as local clothes. Eid market has seen huge demand for Punjabi among men.

Barishal Metropolitan Police Commissioner Jihadul Kabir said that the members of the Metropolitan Police are working round the clock to provide perfect security to the buyers and traders in the Eid market and to keep the traffic free.

Apart from this, to maintain the law and order situation of the city, the city is being monitored 24 hours by installing 260 CC cameras throughout the city.

He further said that the entire city of divisional city Barishal is now under police surveillance through Integrated Command and Control Center for maintaining law and order situation, crime control, traffic and police station control and social media monitoring for better police service. Because of that, even at midnight, Eid shopping is going on in various markets and shopping malls of the city.

Besides, all kinds of vehicles have been stopped on the roads of Chawkbazar and Girja Mohalla area of the city to handle the pressure of the buyers.

Barishal, the southern divisional city, has a large population of professional people. Along with this, enthusiastic buyers from different districts and upazilas are rushing to Barishal city for Eid shopping. Because of that, the city's shopping malls are crowded with people eager to do Eid shopping.

Everyone is feeling comfortable buying bahari clothes for girls, sarees, three-piece and men's shirt-pants, Punjabi, children's clothes in this Eid market. Buyers tend to buy foreign products as well as domestic products.

Shopkeepers said that cotton sarees are most preferred by women this Eid. Besides, there are Tant-Jamdani, Muslin Jamdani and Dupatta; Which is being sold from Tk. 2500 to Tk. 8000.

Mirpuri katan, silk and jute katan are also in demand; which is being sold, between Tk. 10 and Tk. 25 thousand. The girls' three-piece is slightly different this time. Newly designed three-pieces named 'P-K', 'Kalpanik', 'Love Story' are in great demand in Barishal's Eid market. These three-pieces are being sold from Tk. 3,200 to Tk 22,000.

Cotton-Punjabi and Sherwani for boys are selling high. Its price ranges from Tk. 3,200 to Tk. 16,000. A large crowd was observed for Eid shopping, at clothing stores of various brands including 'Richman-Lebanon', 'Smarttex', 'Swapna', 'Star Plus', 'Bang', 'Chandrabindu', 'Bishwa Rang', 'Arang'.

Housewife Sima Ahmed, who came to buy local sarees at Chawkbazar market stalls in Barishal city, said that sarees and three-pieces are the first choice of women in any Bengali festival. And on the occasion of Eid, I want a saree or three-piece! The appeal of sarees for women and Punjabi for men on Eid will never end. Both these clothes have gained prominence in this Eid.

Saree sellers in various shopping malls of Barishal city said that wholesale and retail sari sellers have imported Gujarati silk, Baha silk, Manipuri katan, Manipuri cotton, pure silk, georgette and net sarees from India this year. But this time most of the buyers have Dhakai Jamdani, Tangail Jamdani, Tanter Saree, Soft Silk and Jute Jamdani on their list. Their prices are also within the reach of buyers. This year, more expensive sarees are being sold at Tk. 5 to Tk. 7 thousand on Eid.

They also said that buyers are looking for comfortable sarees keeping in mind the scorching heat.

Around Eid-ul-Fitr, the presence of shoppers on footpaths is more noticeable than in the city's famous shopping malls. Buyers claimed that the price of clothing in Barishal is 3/4 times higher than last time. Hence, they are forced to buy from sidewalk shops at much cheaper prices to meet the needs of family members.

In front of the city building and around Abdur Rahman, an official of a private organization who came to do Eid shopping from the temporary store on the sidewalk of the area, said that the price of clothes is so high that it is not worth saying! Very difficult for ordinary people like us!

A government official named Hasan Siddique said that the branded clothes are good but their prices are kept several times higher. We can buy similar clothes from the footpath for Tk. 1000, which are asking for Tk. 4000 in market stalls. So, I was forced to buy from the pavement shop.

A housewife named Nabila Akhter Jitu said, I visited almost all the showrooms of the brand in the city. In every showroom and market the clothes are overpriced. So, I did my Eid shopping from the sidewalk at a very low price.

However, denying these complaints of the buyers, Imran Sheikh, manager of 'Top-Ten' Barishal branch, said, "We are always trying to maintain the quality of the clothes. The price of each of our products has been adjusted to match the quality.

On the other hand, in Barishal, buyers have complained that cosmetics and clothes are being sold at prices several times higher than the fixed price. In that case, the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection has no such campaign.

However, an official of the consumer district office said, where a reasonable profit can be made in each product, there is a tendency to make 90 to 100 percent profit in Barishal, among the traders. Besides, many have added VAT unethically separately. Legal action is being taken against them.

From big shopping malls to pavement shops, after Eid shopping with ease, payments are now being made using the 'bkash' payment method. Easy, secure, hassle-free and fast digital transactions through 'bkash' payments after Eid shopping from preferred fashion houses, Famous showrooms, shopping malls, markets, clothing and footwear outlets and pavement shops have now become a part of the lifestyle of buyers and sellers.

Barishal city's largest market Chawkbazar came to do Eid shopping with his family. Shahnaz Ruby said, I try more or less 'bkash' payment in all purchases throughout the year. Moreover, all small and big shops have the facility of 'bkash' payment.

He also said that the biggest advantage of 'bkash' digital payment is that I don't have to carry cash in shopping malls. As a result, there is no need to worry about money being stolen or torn.

Buyers as well as sellers are heaving a sigh of relief by accepting digital payments.

Abdul Khaleq, a businessman of Chawkbazar, said that, in view of the holy Eid-ul-Fitr, the crowd of customers is more or less constant from morning to midnight every day. Keeping track of money has become much easier thanks to the 'bkash' payment service. There is no problem with counterfeit or fake money. Also, you don't have to worry about the risk of keeping a lot of cash at the end of the day.


Historical Mujibnagar Day observed in Faridpur

Advisory Editor (English Verson),, Faridpur
Historical Mujibnagar Day observed in Faridpur

Historical Mujibnagar Day observed in Faridpur

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The historic Mujibnagar Day was observed here at Faridpur on Wednesday in a befitting manner.

On this occasion, on the initiative of Faridpur district administration, a floral tribute to the mural of the Father of the Nation, a discussion meeting and prize distribution were held in the morning.

The mural of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman installed in the Deputy Commissioner's office

Wreaths were laid by the Faridpur district administration and later by the district police, after which various organizations laid wreaths. Then a discussion meeting was held under the chairmanship of Faridpur Deputy Commissioner Md. Qamrul Ahsan Talukder PAA, Faridpur Superintendent of Police Morshed Alam, Additional Deputy Commissioner Yasin Kabir, Additional Superintendent of Police Mohammad Salauddin Faridpur Civil Surgeon were present as,Upazila Nirbahi Officer Tamanna Tasnim, District Ansar VDP Commandant Nadira Yasmin, freedom fighter Abul Faiz, eminent educationist Professor Mohammad Shahjahan, Racin Executive Director Asma Akhter Mukta and other department officials were present. Later on the occasion of Mujibnagar Day Prizes were distributed among the winners of various competitions organized.



Mujibnagar Day: Vow to build a non-communal Bangladesh

District Correspondent,, Meherpur
Mujibnagar Day: Vow to build a non-communal Bangladesh

Mujibnagar Day: Vow to build a non-communal Bangladesh

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Awami League joint general secretary AFM Bahauddin Nasim pointed to BNP-Jamaat and said that today's Mujibnagar Day vow should be to resist those who want to hand over non-communal Bangladesh to communal forces.

He said this at a discussion meeting on Mujibnagar Day at the historical Mujibnagar Amrakanan in Meherpur on Wednesday (April 17) afternoon.

He said, we observe the day from our consciousness and the values of the liberation war. The oath of this day is to resist those who do not want the anti-independence non-sectarian power of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Awami League presidium council member Kazi Zafarullah said that Bangladesh was recognized by the international community through the oath of the first government on April 17, 1971.

On the other hand, accusing BNP of anti-national conspiracy, Joint General Secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif said, BNP and their domestic and foreign allies have distorted the history of the liberation war by creating the situation after 1975.

He also said that after the BNP came to power, the Collaborator Act was abolished and 15,000 war criminals were freed. Banned war criminals have given Jamaat-e-Islami an opportunity to do politics. They are still conspiring against Bangladesh. They do not believe in freedom.

In the speech of the chief guest, Kazi Zafarullah said that Mujibnagar Day is a matter of historical importance. But it is a matter of great regret that there is no nationwide initiative to celebrate the day. Therefore, he drew the attention of the Minister of Liberation War to take measures to observe the day at the district and upazila level of the country from next year.

Bangladesh Awami League organized this meeting to celebrate Mujibnagar Day on April 17, the day of swearing in of the first government in 1971. Besides, the district administration and Ministry of Liberation War organized various grand events around Amrakanan to celebrate the day.

Public Administration Minister Forhad Hossain was the special speaker on the occasion, Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque was the guest of honor. Rajshahi City Corporation Mayor Khairuzzaman Liton, son of the first government's Home, Agriculture and Rehabilitation Minister AHM Kamruzzaman, State Minister for Children and Women Affairs Simin Hossain Rimi, daughter of the first Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmed, Awami League Organizing Secretary SM Kamal Hossain were special guests. The special speaker was Dr. Abu Saleh Mohammad Nazmul Haque Sagar, Member of Parliament for Meherpur-2 Constituency, District A-League General Secretary MA Khalek, Member of Bangladesh Awami League Syeda Zakia Noor Lipi, Adv. Amirul Alam Milan, Parveen Zaman Kalpana and Nirmal Kumar Chatterjee. Central and local leaders of Awami League were present.

Earlier, ministers, government officials and Awami League leaders laid wreaths at the Mujibnagar memorial at 9:30 am. Awami League leaders hoisted the national and party flags after laying wreaths. This was followed by a guard of honor and parade. Police, BGB, Ansar, BNCC, Girl's Guide and the parade of students from various educational institutions impressed the thousands of people present.

In the second phase, the discussion meeting was held at the Sheikh Hasina stage. At the end of the discussion, the Bangladesh Ansar-VDP orchestra team performed a ballad called "Sonali Sapner Desh" where the development activities of the government are highlighted.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Liberation War and Meherpur district administration jointly organized a grand event. From the previous day, festoons, arcades, colors and lighting were done all over the Mujibnagar complex. In the evening, artists of the country will perform music in a wonderful cultural program. 


Prime Minister orders to keep an eye on the situation in the Middle East

Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has ordered all the members of the Cabinet and the relevant ministries to keep a close eye on the ongoing tension in the Middle East following Iran's unprecedented attack on Israel.

Cabinet Secretary Md. Mahbub Hossain said this at a press conference organized to announce the decision of the Cabinet meeting at the Secretariat on Wednesday (April 17) afternoon.

Earlier, a Cabinet meeting was held at the Prime Minister's office under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The Cabinet Secretary said that after the attack, the prime minister asked all sectors to be ready to deal with its response. However, she did not specifically said about trade or economy. Everyone has been asked to prepare and report on this.

Giving an example, Md. Mahbub Hossain said, for example: If the price of oil increases, what will we do to deal with that effect, she asked to prepare.


CID has found the involvement of Bodi's two brothers in drug smuggling

Staff Correspondent,


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Police's Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said that Aminur Rahman and Abdur Sukkur, two brothers of Teknaf's former MP Abdur Rahman Bodi, are associated with Cox's Bazar-based drug trade.

Additional IGP Muhammad Ali Mia said this in response to a question from journalists at a press conference organized at the CID's media center in Malibagh in the capital on Wednesday (April 17) in the afternoon regarding the confiscation of assets of drug lords.

The CID chief said action will be taken against those found involved with drugs, whoever he is. We found the involvement of his (Bodi's) brothers and their followers. We will interrogate Bodi's two brothers and if his (Bodi's) name comes up there we will also arrest him. No one will be exempted in the matter of drugs.

Asked about the role of Bodi's two brothers, the CID chief said that Aminur Rahman and Abdur Sukkur brought Yaba from Myanmar in different ways. After that they are delivered to different places by their assigned associates. Already 6.9 acres of land belonging to Bodi’s brothers has been identified. Besides, the information of 40 percent of the land worth Tk. one crore has been found. Land information has not been digitized yet. As a result, the work of collecting this information is going on at the field level in various ways. We can give more details about this later.

Initially, the CID investigated 35 cases and found various movable and immovable properties including money (kept in bank accounts), purchased land, houses and flats illegally earned from the drug business of the godfathers of drug cases. The amount of illegally earned money in these cases is about Tk. 178.44 crore.

Additional IGP Mohammad Ali Mia said that CID has already frozen 9.14 acres of land and 2 houses worth Tk. 8.11 crore of the godfathers in 3 cases of croc and drug related money laundering and Tk. 1 crore 1 lakh 23 thousand 425 kept in the bank in various cases. Another 35.173 acres of land, 12 houses and 1 car valued at Tk. 36.82 crores are in process of sale.

The CID chief said, you know that at least 80 thousand drug recovery cases are registered in the country every year. Most of those arrested are drug peddlers and users. At times, investigating officers end their investigations within these two categories. As a result, the original godfathers of drugs remained hidden. But since 2021, the CID has taken the initiative of arresting the drug godfathers and collecting the assets and depositing them in the government coffers. This will create a panic among the drug dealers of the country. They will leave the drug trade and do legitimate business. Besides, no one will be encouraged to join this profession. Because you know drug is a capital less business. As a result, many people get involved in illegal business to take advantage of easy income.