Invisible border in Karail slums, dangerous if you step!

Al Amin Raju, Staff Correspondent,


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Md. Rifat Hossain (18) a student is a resident of the Karail slum area of the capital. On the morning of March 14, Rifat went out to buy milk from a nearby shop when his mother wanted milk and rice during Sehri. Rifat was attacked there. Rifat was taken away by the opponents. In the dark of the night, he was beaten and cut with sharp weapons on the chest, back and body in various places and made them bleed. Rifat was rescued and taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital with serious injuries. Rifat survived this journey.

Although Rifat survived, Al-Amin from the same area did not. Al-Amin, the son of deceased Muslim Uddin, was a grocer by profession. That day was August 17, 2022. Al-Amin went to the local Noorani mosque with his two elder brothers to offer Isha prayers. He was attacked while praying.

Al-Amin did not perform the second prostration after finishing the first rakat while standing in prayer. He was suddenly attacked from behind. After injuring him inside the mosque, he was taken and the veins of his hands and legs were cut. The opponent ensured his death by draining out all the blood from the body. His brother Nasir Hossain was also injured in that attack. And being in the front row of the mosque, another elder brother of theirs, Jewel Sarkar, survived the attack. However, Nasir could not return to normal life even though he was seriously injured and survived. Now only the memory of the head injury. Nasir's life is completely dependent.

This Karail slum area has long been known as a town of terror inside the capital. On one side is the elite area of Banani, where the upper class and elite families live. Meanwhile, this Karail slum has been built around the T&T colony. Lakhs of underprivileged and low-income people live there. It's like darkness under the lamp. The attack on Rifat or the killing of Al-Amin is a fragment of the terrible situation of terror and violence behind the people who work in that darkness.

Here the black shadow of politics is mixed with terrorism. Not only influencing the area - there has been a bloody conflict here for a long time due to the politics and rank-and-file conflict of Jubo League, a branch organization of the ruling Awami League. Clatter of weapons and verbal assaults, killings, injuries are the daily picture here. The more terrifying information is that most of the information about these clashes, killings and attacks are not in the police records. But many involved in violence walk in public.

This reporter spoke to Rifat, the victim of the March 14 attack. Rifat said, "I came back from the face of death. I filed a case. The police have not arrested anyone so far. All the accused are roaming around openly. Rather, they are now threatening to kill me and my younger brother in various ways. I am passing my life in fear."

Asked what happened on the night of the attack, Rifat said, a boy named Maruf called me and took me to the field. Tanveer, Tuhin, Mahbub, Masud, Sumon and others attacked immediately after going to the field. Poached with sharp knives and hoofs. Besides, the attackers hit different parts of the body with hammers.

This reporter also spoke to Jewel Sarkar, the brother of the deceased Al Amin. According to sources, Jewel Sarkar himself is the head of a party here. He was the target of this opponent's attack. Which Jewel himself admits. He said, "The attack was carried out with the intention of killing me. As I was at the front of the prayer row, my two brothers who were behind faced the wrath of the attackers. That night, the floor of the holy mosque was red with the blood of my brothers."

"They grabbed my younger brother Al Amin while he was injured and severed his arm. We later rescued him dead," Jewel said.

Jewel said that he himself filed a case as a plaintiff in this incident. The main accused in the case was later arrested but got out on bail in just two and a half months. The accused is now threatening again in various ways, Jewell said.

This Karail slum is built on about 190 acres of government and privately owned land. At least four lakh people live in slums. Most of whom are day laborers. In Karail slums, political leaders are using slum dwellers to dominate. The youth and teenagers here are being trained for use in terrorism. Not only indigenous weapons, but often they are using firearms to show their power. Recently they are using social media in this terrorist act. There are also precedents of threatening opponents by posting pictures on Facebook with weapons.

Sources said at least five youth gang groups are active in Karail slums. Each group has hundreds of members. They are controlled by two local political leaders. Noor Alam Nuru, a resident of Karail slum and Joint General Secretary of Ward No. 19 of Banani Police Station. Another former president of Jubo League Karail No. 1 unit of Ward No. 19 (proposed) of Banani is Jewel Sarkar. Exercising weapons and attacking the enemy's people to spread their dominance is a daily occurrence. But after any attack, both sides blame each other.

The investigation revealed that the name of a terror in Karail slum area is Noor Alam Nuru. Nuru and his people regularly publish pictures of weapons on social media. He has under his control several teenage gang groups. He attacked the opponent while standing in the mosque. Al Amin was killed in the attack.

When a case was registered in that incident, Nuru was arrested. After serving only two and a half months in jail, he was released. On his way back to the area from the jail, he was seen doing a huge exercise. It is alleged that Nuru controls most of the drug spots in Karail Slum area. At least 25 members of his family are involved in drug trade. And this is about drugs the people of his forces are constantly monitoring the entrance of the Karail slum area to ensure safety.

Another part of Karail slum is led by Jubo League leader Jewel Sarkar. Jewel, who serves as the president of the local Noor Mosque, claims that his family has been repeatedly attacked by opponents due to political conflicts. So he did drills in the area for self-defense. Sources confirmed that he also has multiple youth gangs under his control.

When asked about the conflict with Nuru, Jewel Sarkar told that enmity is created while doing politics. At one time we did politics together. Nuru created enmity with us thinking himself a big leader. After that they attacked us on different occasions on different issues. On August 17, 2022, my two brothers were hacked to death inside the mosque by Nuru forces. Even if one returned alive, he could not return to normal life.

On May 11, going to the Karail slum area of Banani in the capital, an invisible border between the southern part of the slum and the Banani lakeside part was seen. Neither side forgets to kill across the border. Even in the area under their control, they are careful because the enemy can attack at any time in the darkness of the night.

Recently, members of the Nuru force tortured Asif, a member of the Jewel group, in the dark of night. Asif's cheek was cut with a sharp hoof. This Asif himself controls a teenage gang group.

Stating that he is unable to live a normal life due to the cut of his cheek, Asif told that members of Nuru forces killed Al Amin by attacking him in the mosque and then picking him up. Later, it was my turn to participate in the human chain demanding the trial of the Nuru forces. I can't leave the house. 15/16 attacks so far. Cheek cut. There is no account of the number of cuts on the head. I get regular death threats.

Asif claimed that he used to work as a cleaner in a private company in Mohakhali. But I can't go to office because of cut on cheek because office people are afraid to see him.

Meanwhile, received more than half a hundred photos and videos of the two groups from various sources. Analysis of the images revealed that members of the two groups regularly posted images of weapons on video-based social media platforms TikTok and Facebook. Apart from indigenous weapons, Nuru also has pictures with foreign weapons. In addition, the leaders of the group exercise regularly in the area which has pictures and videos. Even when the Banani Police arrested the members of the Nuru Force and kept them in the police station cell, they made pictures and Tik Tok videos to show their dominance there. Both the groups have filed several cases against each other in various incidents.

Banani Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Kazi Sahan Haque said, "We have already taken the case," when asked about the weapons drill of two groups and the dominance of juvenile gangs in Karail slum. I have arrested the accused. We are taking legal action against those involved in such activities.

Nuru, who dominates the identity of the leader of the Swechchasebak League, regularly posts firearms on social media. When asked about the non-action against him, OC Sahan said, "I am not aware of posting pictures of weapons. If you have information, send it to me and I will look into it."


Oppostion protest against the decision to whiten black money

Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka
photo: Collected

photo: Collected

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The Opposition Jatiya Party and Independent Members of Parliament have expressed their anger over the proposal to whiten black money or undeclared money by providing 15 percent tax in the budget. They said that ordinary honest tax payers would be offended and would not want to pay tax which will have an adverse effect on the country.

They said this during the general discussion of the 2024-25 budget session of the Jatiyo Sangsad(JS) on Sunday (June 23). The Speaker Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury presided over the session.

Jatiya Party Member of Parliament Masud Uddin Chowdhury said in the session that there is no new message of hope in the proposed budget. Instead regular tax payers have been discouraged by giving opportunities to whiten black money. And those who did not pay tax were encouraged.

He said, everyone pays 30-35 percent tax legally. And those who have not paid tax for a long time, that black money will be made white with 15 percent tax. So why do ordinary people pay regular taxes? It is unethical; as a result many people will take this opportunity without paying tax.

He said that this black money is of two types, it is earned illegally, it is not even shown for that. Another type of income is earning, they also did not pay tax. He strongly opposed the legalization of most of them black money, illegally earned money and demanded their punishment. He also spoke about the problems of common people due to inflation.

He said, remittance is a major driving force of our economy. About 1 crore people send thousands of crores money of remittances every year. Among them, there is a lot of writing about Malaysia; they send Tk. 4 thousand crores per month, Tk. 51 thousand crores annually. Many people think that there is a conspiracy about why so much money will come. There is also a syndicate with this. As a result they are also having problems sending remittances, creating instability there. Therefore, he demanded to facilitate remittance warriors and stop corruption, money laundering, bank robberies etc. in the banking sector.

AKM Mostafizur Rahman, another Member of Parliament of the Jatiya Party, said that the budget has kept the privileges of the upper classes. And the middle class will be under pressure. Various policies of the budget did not go in favor of the poor.

He said that the government's income will decrease as the price of cigarettes is not increased. It is the government's responsibility to ensure health care, but there is corruption everywhere, even though thousands of crores of rupees are allocated annually, people are not receiving medical care.

He said that the health system should be reformed to restore order in the health sector. Mega project loans are being taken, a large part of which is being taken up by outside contractor engineers. The young society in our country should be skilled in this regard.

Criticizing the decision taken to whiten black money, he said that as a result common taxpayers will not want to pay tax. So you have to move away from that expectation.

Independent Member of Parliament Abul Kalam Azad demanded that the money of the country has been diverted abroad, they should be identified and the money should be returned and they should be brought under punishment.

He criticized how the sovereign allows the parliament to launder black money. He demanded the identification and punishment of those involved in money laundering, corruption, and non-payment of loans from banks.

Another Independent Member of Parliament Sohrab Uddin said that the list of distressed banks has been prepared recently, and Bangladesh Bank has decided to merge these distressed banks with solvent banks. But because no effective measures were taken, these distressed banks suffered, with customers withdrawing all their money. He condemned the hot decision of Bangladesh Bank for this.

Sohrab Uddin said that the Finance Minister said to whiten the 15 percent tax to give an opportunity to show undisclosed money in the budget. That will not serve the purpose. No one will show this undisclosed amount with 15 percent tax, 10 percent in the past also did not get much response.

He said if it can be taxed at 5 percent then it will show the huge amount of undisclosed money in the country, the objective of the Finance Minister will be achieved. So I will request the Finance Minister to levy 5 percent tax to launder huge amount of money.

He said that development in the country is going at a fast pace, but the problem is corruption. Corruption has increased if it is not curbed then the speed of development will slow down. Today there is no place where there is no corruption. A lot of money is being lost in the bank, corruption has increased, the officials and the chairmen of the bank are immersed in corruption today. There was no trial for them.


Azim's daughter Doreen demanded Mintu's expulsion

District Correspondent,, Jhenaidah
photo: Collected

photo: Collected

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Jhenaidah-4 (Kaliganj) Constituency MP Anwarul Azim's daughter Doreen said, "I came to know through newspapers and magazines that Jhenaidah District Awami League general secretary Saidul Karim Mintu was the main planner of my father's murder." There is no place for a murderer in Awami League. He should be expelled from the team immediately. Along with this, the followers of Mintu in Kaliganj involved in the murder of the father should also be brought under the law.

She said these things in the rally organized to protest the killing of MP Azim and the 75th anniversary of Awami League organized at Kaliganj bus terminal on Sunday (June 23) afternoon.

Doreen burst into tears on stage in the presence of thousands of people.

She said, "Father did not give much time to the family. He used to run for the welfare of the people of the area all day long. He used to go to funerals of dead people. After the murder of my father, I can understand how popular he was by seeing your presence in this protest meeting today. Because of your love, father became MP three times in this constituency. Today, he was to be killed as a victim of political revenge. I demand exemplary punishment by finding the murderers of my father.

Former President of Kaliganj Upazila Awami League and former Upazila Chairman Jahangir Siddiqui also addressed the rally - Upazila Awami League Joint General Secretary UP Chairman Ohiduzzaman Odu, Upazila Jubo League President and Upazila Parishad Chairman Shibli Nomani, Kaliganj Pourashava Mayor Ashraful Islam Ashraf, Upazila Vice Chairman Shafikuzzaman Russell, General Secretary of Upazila Jubo League Jahangir Hossain Sohel and others spoke in the rally.


It may be embarrassing to comment before 24 hours: Dr. Zahid

Staff Correspondent,
photo: Collected

photo: Collected

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After 24 hours, BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia's personal physician Dr. AZM Zahid Hossain told that it may be embarrassing to comment on the physical condition of the BNP Chief before 24 hours.

He gave this information to reporters at the gate of Evercare Hospital in the capital on Sunday (June 23) night.

Zahid Hossain said Begum Khaleda Zia's latest condition is that, today, a temporary pacemaker has been set first and then a permanent pacemaker will be set. Today, she is currently under close observation in the Critical Care Unit(CCU) under the supervision of doctors. If the next 24 hours are not gone, it may become embarrassing to make any kind of statements and comments about her physical condition. Therefore, I wish prayers to the countrymen on behalf of her family, party and Acting Chairman Tariq Rahman.

He said, 'She was transferred to Evercare Hospital on the advice of his medical board doctors in a very critical condition last Friday. Later (till now) she is under treatment in CCU. By consensus of the doctors, her heart function had reached a point where she had three blocks - you know. I kept saying that anything can happen at any time. That incident was going to happen last Friday night. In that situation, the members of the medical board quickly brought her to the hospital. They started her treatment accordingly.


‘I will always be committed to the needs of the country and people’: Army Chief

Staff Correspondent,
photo: Collected

photo: Collected

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General Waqar-uz-Zaman took charge as the Chief of Bangladesh Army. After taking charge, he told reporters in his office, "I will always be engaged in the needs of the country and the people." I will fulfill the responsibility given by the government to help the civil administration in various fields including disaster management. Army will also work for world peace.

Regarding the Myanmar border situation, he said, "We are always ready without doing anything provocative."

Outgoing Army Chief General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed handed over responsibility to the new Army Chief Waqar-uz-Zaman in his office on Sunday (June 23) noon. Then in the presence of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina General Waqar-uz-Zaman was given the badge of promotion as General by Chief of Navy Admiral M Nazmul Hasan and Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Hasan Mahmood Khan.

In the afternoon he hold a courtesy meeting with President Md. Sahabuddin at Bangabhaban. On the same day, various farewell ceremonies of the outgoing army chief were completed.

Earlier, General Shafiuddin laid wreath at Shikha Anirban in the morning. He was given a farewell guard of honor at Senakunja. He planted saplings there. Both took part in a photo session after the handover ceremony at the headquarters.

Then, as per custom, the outgoing army chief climbs into an open jeep decorated with flowers. Army officers dragged him with a rope. At this time, officials from both sides of the road started giving flowers. He took them very passionately.

Waqar-uz-Zaman, the new army chief told the journalists, "First of all, I am grateful to Almighty Allah." It is a serious responsibility. Everyone will pray so that I can fulfill that responsibility beautifully.

Expressing gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, he said, 'I have worked with her. My working experience with her is very good. Whenever I asked that decision; She made that decision very quickly. Bangabandhu gave us an independent country. Thank you also to Bangabandhu. Thank you to all the martyrs. My gratitude to the freedom fighters. Because, they dedicated their golden days for us.

He said, 'Army works with the help of civil power. When the government gives us the responsibility to deal with disaster, we will fulfill that responsibility. We are working for world peace. I will always be engaged in the needs of the country and people.

He said, 'I will work to keep the army disciplined at all times. We are doing training all the time. I will see that the training continues. The Army is performing challenging duties in UN peacekeeping missions. Whenever we are tasked with building the country and nation; only then will we fulfill that responsibility.

Regarding the border situation in Myanmar, the new army chief said, 'We are engaged with all countries. We are also engaged with Myanmar. Our Defense Attaché is in the country. They (Myanmar) are in a civil war in their own country. I don't think they will do anything aggressive at this point. However, the army is always ready. Navy has increased patrols. The border guard is also ready.

He also said, "We have no unresolved issues with Myanmar except the Rohingya." We want them to take back the Rohingyas. Besides, I don't see any hatred or any other kind of problem towards them. We are continuing to try to solve the Rohingya issue in a peaceful way. We are never disappointed.'