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Self reliant Laboni episode of Shibchar


Md. Rafiqul Islam, District Correspondent, | 23 September 2019, 08:13AM

Self reliant Laboni episode of Shibchar

Madaripur: Laboni of Shibchar under Madaripur district has been maintaining her livelihood by manufacturing shopping bags and sweetmeat boxes. She took up manufacturing shopping bags and sweetmeat box as her profession that helped her in alleviating poverty. She is now leading a happy life with her husband and children.

Laboni is the inhabitant of Charshamail village of Shibchar upazilla. Her husband is Shahin Patwary. They started a business of manufacturing shopping bags of cloths two years back through renting a shop in Shibchar. Next they began manufacturing paper cartoons as container of sweetmeats. Within a year their business began expanding.

They have built up a factory of both cloth bags and paper cartoons in Charshamail village just a year back. At present 10 machines are engaged in production where 8 workers have been working.

Self reliant Laboni episode of Shibchar

While visiting the factory of Laboni on Sunday (sept.22) it was found that Laboni and her workers are busy in the factory. The workers are cutting cloths, sewing and working to packet the cartoons for marketing. Some are also talking with the whole sellers.

Laboni’s husband Shahin Patwary informed that at present there is a huge pressure in the factory. Moreover the pressure has increased as two workers are on leave. Even they have no time for taking meals on time.

Self reliant Laboni episode of Shibchar

Laboni informed that their products of cloth bag and sweat cartoons have demands in the near by districts of Faridpur, Barisal, Gopalganj and Shariatpur beside in all the upazillas of Madaripur. They manufacture products as the order with the tagging the label of the retailer shops. The cloths, gum, paper, painting color, pin and all necessary accessories are procured from the capital.

She further informed that each shopping bag costs Taka 7 to Taka 8 while sold at Taka 10. Each cartoon costs Taka 8 to Taka 9 while are sold at Taka 11to Taka 12. They normally sale 55 to 60 thousand shopping bags and cartoons every month.

Self reliant Laboni episode of Shibchar

This woman entrepreneur informed that once they had to struggle with poverty. They started manufacturing shopping bags and cartoons at their own initiative. Next they did not look back.

Shibchar Union Parishad chairman Rajan Madbar told that, 'Laboni is now very well off by manufacturing shopping bags and paper cartoons. If they are given training and financial assistance by the government they would do better.'