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I am not asleep while running the country: PM


Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka | 9 October 2019, 05:34PM

I am not asleep while running the country: PM
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said as head of the government she is not asleep while running the country.

She held a press conference held in Ganabhaban Wednessday afternoon on her recent participation in UN general assembly and India visit.

Responding to a journalist's question why the Prime Minister would take all the responsibilities of the country alone, Sheikh Hasina said, "I do not understand why you ask this question. I am the head of a country's government. None impose duties on me. I stay informed about all the happenings out of my own urge. Because I am not asleep while runing the country."

Hasina said she cares for the well-being of the people.

She also said, "This is my country, the people of this country are mine, I look after them. It is not understandable why this question arises."

She added "I understand, because you saw sleeping while running the country before. Many heads of state woke up at 12pm to ask what had happened.”