Cleanliness drive in the capital by EU and Gulshan society

Special Correspondent,, Dhaka
photo: collected

photo: collected

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A cleanliness drive is being conducted by European Union (EU), Gulsahan society and Prokiti & Jibon Foundation to make the water bodies including lakes of those area wastes free. EU is carrying global awareness campaign to check sea, rivers and water bodies pollution free from plastic materials and polythene. 

As part of that campaign on Wednesday (Oct.9) morning more than hundred volunteers of EU, Gulshan society and Prokiti & Jibon jointly took part in the cleaning drive.  

In the inaugural function EU ambassador Renji Tirink said that, in our ocean and sea the quantity of plastic materials is increasing very rapidly. These plastic materials is not only polluting environment but also entering into our life cycle. Unknown impact is being created in our food and drinking water. 

He said that through this symbolic step of cleaning the lakes of this area of the capital we have become successful in sending a message to face the challenges of plastic pollution and sea wastes. 

Among others Swedish ambassador Sarlotra Sliter, Danish ambassador Winy Israf Peterson, Swiss ambassador Rene Holestine, secretary general of Gulshan society  Sukla Sarwat Siraj, Gulshan Lake committee members Iva Rahman, Shayan Siraj and Zahid Hassan.

Speakers said that plastic wastes are a curse. The country’s rivers, water bodies, roads are now under the threat of plastic wastes. Speakers called upon all to be aware about it.