Pagla Mizan's drug syndicate still active

Moni Acharya, Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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The drug syndicate led by ward councillor Habibur Rahman alias Pagla Mizan is still active in Geneva Camp in the capital's Mohammadpur area despite his arrest and several drives of RAB in the camp area.

Residents in Geneva Camp said Mizan's accomplices, including Ishtiaque and Arshad, have gone into hiding after the RAB drives but they are carrying on the illegal trade of Yaba, cannabis and other drugs in the camp area through their agents and phone communications.

'The syndicate of Pagla Mizan is still functioning in the camp. The sellers and buyers know each other. So they can continue their trade through phone communications,' a resident told on condition of anonymity.

RAB arrested Mizan, an Awami League leader and councillor of ward number 32 of Dhaka North City Corporation, on Oct 11 from his friend's house in Sreemangal as part the ongoing drive against gambling, drug dealing and corruption.

The crime-busting agency also seized Tk 10 million in fixed deposit receipts and Tk 67.7 million in cheques from his flat in Mohammadpur, hours after he was nabbed. Mizan reportedly owns properties in Texas in the USA and in Sydney in Australia.

Officials of law enforcement agencies said Mizan's main source of income is illegal drug dealing in ward number 32, particularly the Geneva Camp.

Local sources said around 40 people, including Ishtiaque, Arshad, Beji Nadim and Arman, are active members of the drug syndicate who also worked for Mizan in elections.

They said the ward councillor, who himself directly chooses the members of the syndicate and oversees their activities, used to receive around Tk 2 lakh every day from the members.

RAB Executive Magistrate Sarwoer Alam said drug trade, extortion and casino operation might be the sources of the money Mizan has amassed. 'Everything will be found in investigation,' he said.