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‘Zero tolerance to the rapists’- Prime Minister


Senior Correspondent,, From JS Bhavan | 19 February 2020, 08:33AM

‘Zero tolerance to the rapists’- Prime Minister
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina announced her government’s “zero tolerance policy” against the rapists like terrorism, militancy and narcotics and warned that the government will take stern action against the culprits.

We notice a problem (currently) as some beasts in the name of human beings are doing very heinous crime like rape. They’re raping from the minor children to girls, she said.

Sheikh Hasina added: will call them inferior to the beasts and they’ve no principles, and how human beings can possess such hateful character?

The Prime Minister said this while taking part in the thanksgiving motion on the President’s speech as well as delivering her winding up speech of the sixth session of the 11th Jatiya Sangsad on Tuesday night (Feb.18) chaired by Speaker Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury.

Sheikh Hasina said her government has adopted zero tolerance policy against terrorism, militancy and drugs and has been taking proper action against these social menaces.

In this connection, the Prime Minister called upon the people to help arrest the culprits who are committing such crimes.

The Leader of the House said those who are committing such a heinous crime cannot understand that they have also mother, sisters and daughters. How human beings can possess so nefarious character? she questioned.

In her over half an hour speech, Sheikh Hasina also touched on different issues like deadly coronavirus, keeping prices of essentials in the upcoming Ramadan, economy, mosquito menace as well as the country’s development in various sectors.

About the deadly coronavirus which first broke out in China, the Prime Minister said her government is taking proper steps to check its spreading in the country.

She said the people who come from China and other countries where the disease has broken out are being examined immediately after their arrival in the airports and other places.

We’re not giving on arrival visa to the people of those countries who were previously given such visa, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said a problem regarding dengue was created in the country last year.

A symptom on increasing mosquito menace is being seen and in this connection, I’ll like to tell the countrymen that they’ll have to stay careful about it and keep their houses and surrounding areas clean so that mosquitoes cannot breed, she said.

About price spiral of essential goods during the Ramadan, the Prime Minister said a game on essential commodities is always played during the Ramadan.

Sheikh Hasina said the people of the country have more attraction towards some goods during the Ramadan which is absent in other countries.

We’ve taken steps to import, buy and store the products like onion, garlic, grams, sugar and oil properly and we’ve also taken initiatives to boost production of the onion and garlic so that this crisis does not arise, she said.

The Prime Minister urged the people not to be panicked over spreading of rumors about the crisis of essential goods.

Sheikh Hasina said many people start buying excessive quantity of goods following the rumors. It was seen that onion was rotten or thrown into ponds, rivers or lakes by those who purchased the essential cooking ingredient excessively, she said.

The Prime Minister said the government remains very much alert about the raw materials which are imported from China. We’re looking alternative way and we’re taking steps to import raw materials, including that of for pharmaceutical industry, available in other countries, she said.

Responding to the claim of the opposition leader about the crisis of the money in the country, the prime minister said the amount of forex reserve in Bangladesh is now over 32 billion dollars.

So there is nothing to be worried about it and we can import foods of six months through the present reserve and we can say that there is no crisis of money in the banks, she said.

The Prime Minister said moreover 18 billion dollar remittances came to the country. We’ve given two percent incentive in this regard, and as a result the expatriates are sending money through legal channel, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said a huge number of people have come to Bangladesh to invest here. Bangladesh is the most attractive place for investment not only in South Asia, also in Southeast Asia, she said.

We’re not only saying that our economy is progressing fast. Many thinkers and economists of India or Pakistan are also praising our economic advancement, she said.

About the government’s vision to turn Bangladesh into Singapore, the Prime Minister said, we can claim that certainly our economy is stronger than Singapore.

The Prime Minister thanked the President for highlighting the country’s tremendous socioeconomic development through his speech.

The leader of the House said that during Ershad regime in 1988 there was attack on me where 20 people were killed. Again during Khaleda Zia’s rule on August 21 of 2004 grenade attack was carried on Awami League rally at Bangabandhu Avenue.