Corona treatment improves even without vaccine!

Ismail Hossain Russel, Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka
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Photo: Collected

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Huge number of people is dying every day from the global coronavirus pandemic. So far no vaccine for this virus has been discovered. As a result, doctors are now using the drugs used to treat various viral diseases, old and new, in the treatment of corona. They say they are applying different types of drugs to understand the patient's condition. And doctors are seeing the light of hope in this treatment until the vaccine is discovered.

Research has been done in public and private medical hospitals and it has been found that the use of common medicines is more in public medical hospitals. In these medicals, patients are being given more medicines for cold and fever including Napa. However, in special cases, medicines like Remedesivir are being given realizing the patient's ability. Although the type of treatment is very similar in private medicine, there is a higher rate of application of high cost drugs like Remedesivir.  In public hospitals Favipiravir (Avigon) are also used. These drugs are being applied considering the capacity of the patients there. However, if there are no complex problems including shortness of breath, common medicines for cold fever including Napa are being given.

Doctors said that in many cases, generic Ivermectin + Doxycycline drugs in the antiprotozoal category are being used to treat corona. However, there is no scientific basis for this drug to be tax-free anywhere in the world. And in case of complex problems, plasma therapy is also being given. Again, it has been seen that many patients are recovering from home only by taking Napa with the advice of a doctor on their mobile phones.

Kurmitola General Hospital pediatrician and corona expert involved in corona treatment from the beginning Al Mamun Shahriar Sarkar told, we are giving common medicines including Napa if there are no very complicated problems in the treatment of Corona patients, which are given to patients in the treatment of common cold-fever. But if a patient has a complex problem with shortness of breathe, then we are giving Remedicative and Dexamethasone. In this case, the ability of the patient is given priority. Because poor people take more treatment in government hospitals as a result they cannot afford to buy these medicines. For those who can afford it, I am actually suggesting this medicine below the patient's oxygen level 93. We are not suggesting other medicines like that.

He added that corona's condition has changed a bit since the beginning of treatment. Much of this is because patients' self-confidence has increased somewhat. They have become more accustomed to fighting against corona, and the fear has decreased a lot which is a very important issue. However, the current problems in the medical system are not due to lack of treatment, but due to system problems.

Labaid doctor working in the service of corona patients Dr. Mazharul told that the treatment of patients with corona has improved a lot. We are not applying any additional drugs that way. Because if the patients do not have complex problems, they are being given common medicines for cold fever and they are being supported mentally. As a result, a very good response is also coming. On the other hand if there is any difficulty in breathing or complex but we are giving Remdesivir and dexamethasone. Since those who take treatment in private hospital are quite capable, we are giving these two medicines as soon as we see a complex problem. Dexamethasone is very effective if you need immediate oxygen for shortness of breath. It supports a lot of oxygen.

Regarding the treatment of corona, MA Mubin Khan, president of Bangladesh Private Medical College Hospital Association, told that corona treatment has improved a lot than the past. Many private hospitals have come forward for treatment in corona. The recovery rate of the patients has also increased from before. In this case, our doctors are suggesting medicine according to the condition. Now if someone has more breathing problems, he has to provide ICU services, in that case the patient has to have that financial capacity as well. Again, doctors are also suggesting Remedesivir if necessary, above all, corona treatment has improved a lot.

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