Two submerged pontoons becomes inoperative at Kathalbari ferry ghat

Rafiqul Islam, District Correspondent,, Madaripur


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Madaripur: As the water level in the Padma continues to rise, two of the four ghats at the Kathalbari ferry terminal on the Kathalbari-Shimulia route, the gateway to South Bengal, are closed.

Ferry is plying through the 2nd and 3rd pontoons of the terminal as the way to and from the 1st and 4th pontoons was submerged. When the ferry route no. 2 was submerged in the water, the concerned authorities raised it with soil, bricks and surki (brick cobble).
According to the sources of Kanthalbari Ferry Ghat, 4 ghats are used for crossing the river at Kanthalbari Ghat. However, due to the increase in water in the Padma in the last 15 days, the two ghats are closed due to inundation. The ferry is plying through the other two ghats.

On Wednesday (July 29) afternoon, Kanthalbari Ghat was visited and found that the entrance of Ferry ghat No. 1 was submerged in water. As the ferry route from the ghat was completely submerged, the movement of vehicles at the two ghats has been stopped. Launches have been tied with the pontoons. Besides, ghat no. 4 is also closed due to water. Ferry ghat No. 2 has been renovated and kept open. At present ghats No. 2 and 3 are in operation. A total of 10 ferries, including 3 Roro, 4 K type and 3 small ferries, have been operating on the route since Wednesday morning.

On the other hand, one of the four stairs of the launch ghat has been completely closed by the ghat authorities due to inundation. Also, the two stairs are a little higher with sandbags and wood, but people are taking risks to get on the launch.

Akhter Hossain, traffic in-charge of BIWTC's Kanthalbari ferry terminal, said, due to rising water level in the Padma, two ferry terminals and a launch ladder of the ghat have been submerged in water. We have also raised a few sloping stairs with sand, bricks and wood to make it suitable for vehicles and passengers.