Casino curse pushes clubs in more darkness

M.M. Kayser, Sports Editor,


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If you had visited the Mohammedan Sporting Club in recent months you must have heard the screaming– no money, no budget how can we run the club. Some people there posed like a destitute always.

When the club officials were whining for insufficient fund they had posh cars parked on their premise ironically. The owners of those trendy cars were none other than the members of the club!

So it looks like when Mohammedan was crying for the money to pay their players, the members of the club were enjoying luxury life. It is a club whose members are wealthy but its players live hand to mouth. They stay in squalid rooms at the farthest corner of the club house, though they are a real jewel in any club.

Mohammedan club casino


To create a fund and solve the monetary problems the club authorities welcomed a casino at the club premises. Five years have passed but the Mohammedan club still lives in a `poor world’!

The fact seemed like Mohammedan didn’t get benefited from the casino but the club’s higher authorities had pocketed all the money even some laundered abroad. And their bank balance swelled in no time. They simply sold their sporting club to the casino syndicate.

Mohammedan club casino


There are five more sporting clubs at the footstep of Mohammedan that joined hand with casino syndicate. One of them is Youngmen’s Fakirerpool club. This club became champions in Bangladesh Championship in 2016 and qualified to play in the Bangladesh Premier League, the top tier of domestic professional football. But Youngmen’s spurned the opportunity and refrained from participating in the Bangladesh Premier League, citing lack of fund!

During that period of the said financial crisis, Fakirerpool club earned millions in every night from the casino. So it is clear fact that casino did not come worthy for a sporting club, it is the members who ran a casino in the club were the only beneficiaries.

Once of a popular Club Para of Motijheel slowly got the new name– The Casino Hub! When the Casino and gambling den of those clubs got exposed the future of sport began its journey towards the grave.

It is assumed that no corporate house or business entity will now come to sponsor of those tainted sporting clubs in the coming days. The image of those sporting club has been shattered. No one would want a share bad apple!