English Premier League title goes to Liverpool after 30 years

M. M. Kaysar, Sports Editor, barta24.com
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Liverpool lifted the prestigious English Premier League title after 30 years which they did last in 1989-90 season. However they were not on the show on Thursday (June 25) when they lifted the title rather the match between Manchester city and Chelsea decided their glorious fate.     

Liverpool was looking forward to the festivities after winning the match on July 2. But Manchester City lost 1-2 on Thursday night, June 25 at Chelsea. And that's what Liverpool's title is for sure. The festival also started with that. They did not have to wait until July 2. Liverpool is well ahead by so many points that it is no longer possible for any team to go above them in the rest of the league. Liverpool won the English Premier League title after 30 years. The last time they were happy to win a trophy was in the 1989-90 season.

Liverpool's home venue, Anfield, was flooded with fans as Man City's rate was confirmed. Although the coronavirus pandemic has caused the city mayor to advise everyone to stay home. But who wants to stay home on the day of the festival? Thousands of Liverpool fans came to the club premises to celebrate the fireworks. They came to the club ground wearing masks and shouted slogans and danced in the red light of fireworks.

Goalkeeper Alison, defender Virgil Van Zyk and midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also watched the Chelsea-City match at the club premises with supporters. After City's defeat, they all burst into joy.

"It's really incredible!" Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp told Sky Sports after the title was confirmed. I thought it would be possible, it's more than that! There is no comparison to this achievement. It’s a proud time for me and my entire team of players. I am proud to be the coach of this team. '

In just four-and-a-half years since taking over as Liverpool's coach, the German coach has won the English Premier League trophy. "I didn't have to wait 30 years," Klopp said. In just four and a half years I have been able to achieve this incredible. During the three-month break we were all in uncertainty. I was worried about whether there would be a league, or what would happen in the end. I know now is a difficult time. Even then, we will rejoice with our supporters as much as we can. "

After 31 matches in the Premier League, Liverpool now has 86 points. Manchester City is in the second position with 63 points after playing an equal number of matches. Points difference 23. Even if Liverpool does not win the remaining 6 matches of the league, no other team will be able to beat them by points. Liverpool has become league champion by reaching such an impossible height.