BCB to receive Taka 1088 crore from ICC

Sports Editor, Barta24.com, Dhaka
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photo: collected

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At the end of the day, regret can be heard in all the federations in the sports arena of Bangladesh- we have a budget deficit! Where is the budget? However, this dissatisfaction is not heard at all in the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). The BCB is described as the richest sports federation in the country.

-How rich?
So rich that, BCB almost supports the rest of the country's sports federations financially. Many federations meet the budget deficit.

-What is BCB's source of income?
Team Sponsor, Series Sponsor, TV Rights, Field Advertisements. However, the biggest source of income is the share of dividends received from the International Cricket Council. The ICC sends a portion of that income to the funds of all its member countries each year. However, not everyone gets this share equally.

The full member countries of the ICC receive 8% of this revenue. The remaining 14% goes to the allied member countries. However, not all full member states receive the same 8 percent. Countries with higher incomes have the highest share. And India is at the top of this list.
TV rights are also the main source of income for the ICC. From 2015 to 2023, the ICC sold their TV rights. The main buyer is Star India. The ICC distributes the proceeds from these TV rights to its member countries. India alone is getting 22.6 percent.

-How much is Bangladesh getting?
The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) receives 8.2 per cent of the ICC's total revenue. Its financial value is 126 million dollars. In Bangladeshi currency this amount stands at Taka 1,088 crore (1 dollar = 75 Taka). However, not all at once, the BCB receives money from this sector after the ICC's annual income and expenditure per year.

For example, the West Indies have received 8 million from this sector this year. This amount will also be deposited in the fund of Bangladesh Cricket Board. In Bangladeshi currency, the amount is around Taka 60 crore.

Australia, Pakistan, West Indies, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh share equally in the ICC's revenue. In other words, these Test playing nations account for 7.2 per cent of the ICC's earnings. Zimbabwe gets the least; 5.3 percent which amounts to 94 million dollar. India, the main supplier of ICC revenue, gets 22.7 per cent. England got the second highest 7.6 percent.

India will receive 405 million dollar from the ICC in these eight years. The ICC, however, agreed to pay 293 million to India under the previous agreement. But Shashank Manohar, who has been chairman of the ICC for two terms, increased his country's income by negotiating.