Video-streaming service growing fast in Bangladesh

Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka
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As media consumption across the globe is increasing on digital formats, Bangladesh has shown tremendous increase and has seen a significant jump from traditional media to new (digital) media.

Bongo is the country’s first and biggest video streaming service provider in Bangladesh. It allows millions of viewers with watch bengali content online anytime, anywhere. Bongo has invested in infrastructure and software over the past 5 years that has enabled everyone to watch live tv or movies on smartphones and features phones over the internet.

With the rise of global digital media players such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Apple TV; Bongo has made its mark in Bangladesh, from being one of the first companies to receive the Golden Play Button award from YouTube and ICT National Award.

Bongo's network consists of over 87 million users where more than 62 million hours of content are being consumed every month. It has gained a majority of Bangladesh content as well as international where many are consuming content through its app, web or network of channels.

Bangladesh is seen as an important part of the global streaming industry’s growth plan, experts said, adding that consumption moves online the availability and creation of premium local content becomes important.

Among the digital devices, mobile devices have taken over as the preferred medium of consuming online media. The smartphone market has seen an unprecedented growth in the last 5 years.

This increase in the number of mobile devices is making it easier for consumers to access music and video content on the go. Keeping all these trends in mind, Bongo is the future of entertainment, with an ever-growing library of over 15,000 full movies, dramas, TV shows, music videos and songs.

This unique collection of Bangladeshi content is available through Bongo website, mobile app and other partnered platforms. Bongo has already been recognized with a top start-up in Bangladesh award and has received acclaim from Silicon Valley and European based investment.

“We also have a goal to preserve our cultural identity. Over the past 5 years, we have also digitized many classic movies, dramas and all are available on," said Bongo’s Chief Content Officer Mushfiqur Rahman.

 Bongo is also the first online video service in Bangladesh to be actively involved in creating original content. The aim is to publish a new episode of original creative content every day, for the wide range of audience from young millineials to kids and families.

Apart from Bongo Originals, its library contains aggregated contents from some of the biggest Labels and TV Channels in Bangladesh. Bongo is the perfect platform for young and upcoming talent to publish their songs, movies or sketches.

Always looking for creative and quality content, Bongo offers a win-win situation for content creators, publishers and advertisers. Advertisers do not need to go abroad to show ads to the same people. Bongo is offer lucrative advertising options to advertisers who spend on digital media.

According to experts, here in Bangladesh, the video streaming industry is expected to attain a rapid growth with advancements in digital technologies and the emergence of 5G network connectivity services.

Furthermore, partnerships and agreements among the telecom network providers and video streaming providers are expected to increase in the coming years to offer an uninterrupted streaming experience to the consumers.

The global video streaming market was valued at USD 39.610 billion in the year 2018, and is expected to reach USD 102.0971 billion by the end of the forecast period growing at 20.8% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in 2023, according to a recent report of America News Hour.