Telecom innovates mobile app to identify corona in moments

Staff Correspondent,, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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In moments Telecommunication department’s innovated mobile app 'Corona Identifier' will identify corona patient. The Department of Posts and Telecommunications has created a mobile application to eliminate fears of deadly coronavirus, increase awareness and give immediate information on whether someone in the neighborhood is infected with the virus.

Operator Teletalk has got the responsibility of managing this app called 'Corona Identifier' and Radisson Digital Technologies Limited is providing technical assistance to the app.

The 'Corona Identifier' app is currently at the experimental stage. The app will soon be available on the Google Play Store and IOS Store. However, many people have already started using the apps through apk.

The entire apps will be linked to the IEDCR, the concerned department of the Ministry of Health. Considering the scare of coronavirus in Bangladesh, Teletalk, a subsidiary of the Post and Telecommunication department has come up with the mobile app to keep people updated about the virus.

According to concerned sources, some features have been added to this app. Practically using the location of the user through the app the status of the corona in the community can be ascertained. The user will be alerted if there is Covid-19 infectious disease or quarantined person nearby.

A person close to the user will be alerted to the user if the presence of the Covid-19 virus is found in the body of someone who has been in contact recently.

There is also the facility to do some tests through the app. Through the 'Corona Identifier' app users will get corona test results within minutes by uploading the X-ray image of the chest online to the web and mobile. If the user has been diagnosed with coronary disease, he / she will be able to decide for treatment immediately. This does not have to wait for long test results.

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Mostafa Jabbar said corona is a global problem. In order to ensure the safety of the people of Bangladesh, I decided to talk to the people in my department to create an accessible app. We have also implemented it quickly with the technical team. We hope this app will play an important role in identifying people with coronavirus infection and quarantine situation in our country.

He added that our research and development team is constantly working to ensure greater acceptance of the app. We are investigating the activities of corona in the country and abroad who are working in the communication and technologies. Some new features will be added in the next version of the app with the advice of the Ministry of Health and Home Affairs.

Secretary of the Department of Posts and Telecommunications Md. Noor-ur-Rahman said, under the direction of the Minister we have created an excellent mobile application at the moment of the disaster. It has been more than we expected. The difficulty of going to the hospital to cope with the health risks has been greatly alleviated.

Teletalk managing director Md. Sahabuddin said that Teletalk has been always working remaining by the side with affected people of the country. This time, we have also developed an app for the coronavirus to collect and take immediate action using technology.

Delwar Hossain Farooq, chairman of the Radisson Digital Technologies Limited, a technical partner of the app said that the app will know whether a user is corona within six feet of the device mainly through Bluetooth and location tracking.