The pace of account opening in bKash multiplying everyday

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Every day 60 to 70 thousand new accounts are being opened with bKash, the best mobile financial services (MFS) in the country.

Despite the overall decline in the number and volume of transactions due to the lockdown, new users are joining the vast network of transactions, top bKash officials said.

bKash said that even before Corona, where 25,000 to 30,000 new accounts were opened in a day, the rate of opening new accounts in their network has now tripled.

Participating in a virtual discussion this week, bKash CEO Kamal Qadir also said that many people are attracted to bKash as many new services have been launched, including cash transfer services from different banks or different cards. Moreover, there is an advantage to easily bring money to mobile or pay other bills from bKash. Basically, for these reasons, those who did not have a bKash account are opening an account to facilitate office work at home during lockdown.

Again, many of those who are working from home are getting involved in the use of bKash more than ever before for the convenience of making small payments or e-commerce purchases or paying various bills. Moreover, the process of opening an account is also very easy, so it is easy to open this account at home.

bKash account can be opened through the app at any time only if you have a national identity card.

BKash officials said that in the beginning, bKash was mainly used as a means of sending money to the village.

Later, with the addition of new services and billing facilities, the people of the city also joined the bKash network, said a bKash official.

Moreover, many new accounts are being opened as the government has introduced the obligation to pay the salaries of its workers through MFS in order to take the announced financial incentives for export-oriented industries.

However, due to the corona, a large part of the users have left the city and gone to their families, which has reduced the share of transactions.

It is learned that earlier, the average daily turnover was Taka 1,200 crore to Taka 1,500 crore through MFS platforms, but now it has come down to Taka 500 crore to Taka 600 crore per day.

According to the Bangladesh Bank, a total of Taka 41,335 crore was transacted through the MFS channel in February.

The total number of MFS accounts in operation in that month was 2 crore 70 lakh 87 thousand, although the total number of accounts were 8 crore 18 million 57 thousand.

According to the report of Bangladesh Bank, 16 banks and financial institutions are providing MFS services in the country. Though a few years back it was